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Enduser - Backup - Soothsayer Rec
Greeeeeat tune...fuck it, GREAT EP!
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Backup Files to DV Camera

Tape backup was once the norm for archiving files from home PCs. Consumer grade tape drives tended to be flaky and slow, but were the only alternative to using dozens of floppy disks. With DVD burners priced as low as $50 for dual-layer burning, it almost seems unnecessary to think about tape backup solutions. Tape storage still has advantages, particularly if you want to make a more permanent arc
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Finding a backup of an old tune appreciation

i thought i'd lost the backup of an ancient tune, but i bumped into it the other day Icon_yippee opened it up and everything works fine, no problems at all bar a few simple routing issues.

always had a soft spot for 'voices', so expect a rejig of that soon Icon_yippee one of the best bass sounds ever, proper crying bass [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag...slayer.gif]

well happy Smile
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new invention: the backup
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Akai S3000 storage/backup in the 21st century?
not a massively exciting subject i know, but one i could use some help with...

having gone back to my hardware roots and plumbed in all my old gear very recently, i can honestly say i still fckin love my old akai sampler!! i even felt comfortable enough to start sampling and chopping breaks again on it today. this is all well and good, and i like the 'limiting' feeling that goes with it, pushing you to work with what you have etc, but limitations when it comes to saving work are not so attrac

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