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I'm new...bare with me
how do i get one of those snazzy little pics beside my name...do i have to put in like 3 years or something?? Grin

help needed...I don't wanna be out of the loop
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attn macc...bare nang tings s33n
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Detuned Radio 3 Year Archive : Bare Bones
Quote:stripped down archive biz....

full version with setlist when i get back
from a weekend of needed relaxation...

[Image: http://www.success.com/products/covers_large/5377.jpg]

[size=2][color=#33CCFF]that's right meeples of earth! detuned radio turns 3 years old.
make sure you tune into this special edition of detuned. you
know there shall be some great treats & gems inside!

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bare jokes lol
Author: theory - Replies: 42 - Views: 2333
Quote:Originally posted by theory

Check the audio player ... As if there isn't enough tracks on there already, there's even more to come soon as I havent finished uploading yet!

Not much content on there so far, but putting music up was my first priority. Let the music do the talking Wink

Anyone want adding to the links page, add me to yours & i'll add you to mine Grin

Thanks for your time

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ATTN - Bare Bob Macc trumpet practice footage inside
Author: MetaLX - Replies: 18 - Views: 1159
Bare Jokes Crew lol
leave em to the professionals, before you get hurt . . .

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a wee dnb mix i done for the radio ... bare tunes.
its not long ... but its the first dnb mix i made in ages


Martyn - baby baby - dub
zero tolerance + beta 2 - Henderson's wife - bassbin
Bal - Blue moon - dub
Zero tolerance - big mistake - dub
Breakage - rebel creations - dub
Breakage - Clarendon - digital soundboy
Instrumental - Sakura - dub
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Confused about 'bare'
As I havent lived in the uk for 8 years i seem to have missed the new meaning for the word 'bare'

example usage It's much easier to make a clean break sound 'bare fat'
i heard mary anne hobs using it as well...

In norweigan 'bare' means only to add to my confusion

cheers for any help..
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[RADIO] Undadog live now til 8pm - bare ruffness!!
Whoa gotta big up the DJ Undadog, live from Belfast

Live now on Stress Factor - bare armshouse styles!! Gotta say, I actually like drum & bass again when I listen to him! one of the best d'n'b DJs I know

He actually posts on here somewhere.... not sure where Wink

Get locked!

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