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Looking for a Reading-based DJ...
One of the nights i play at is looking to broaden out musically, breaks just isn't big enough to get peeps in on a weekly basis so we wanna throw some hip hop, funk and d 'n' b into the mix.

Looking for someone who makes an effort with the tune-buying, is ahead of the game but doesn't have an attitude, and preferably can do all the above. Gotta be someone who can rock a party of Thursday night punters who may not be totally musically clued up without selling out and playing obvious shite...
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recommend me some american based dnb
as i said in another thread, i am sending my sister to breakbeat science to get me some records while she is on her hols, i got this so far on the list.....

Pieter K: Striation / Dromedary

Pieter K: Sequence / Watch Dis

V/A-Future Cut/Dune/Stakka/Decoder Rmxs: Remixology-Possession/Contact/Liquifaction/Vertica

0=0: Reflux/Running

can anyone think of anything else worth getting Icon_question
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Net Based rumour of the week
That Breakage - So Vain is being promoed this week. Can anyone confirm or deny such a thing?
Author: Sir Loris of Crowthorne - Replies: 3 - Views: 595
Aries Maize Based Snax
[Image: http://www4.ncsu.edu/~jholland/Ears.jpg]

Serious variety massive Icon_eek
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Where next for guitar based music?
Thinking about it most of what can be done with a guitar probably has been done, not in a pessimistic was as there's going to be loads of amazing music written in the future, just in terms of brand new genres I think there's not a lot more that can be done. In the future it's all going to be bizare marriages of conflicting styles like bagpipe punk and gamalan rock.
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Snax-based insults

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Does anyone know where you go to check on an USA based....
Company.. we have companies house in the UK but what do you guys have over there?

Kinda urgent, think Ive been ripped off Mad
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work crew. do you get overtime based on a 10 hour workday?
we were having a small argument here with some of my friends that i work with, about the idea that 10 hour days in western countries are a thing of the long gone past. no one is working a true ten hour day anymore, and rather than have OT kick in at 6pm, i'd rather get more money over the course of a year based on a 14 hour workday, rather than OT based on 10. your thoughts? this is obviously for people that work on the clock, by the hour.
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Magazine (based in Cardiff) dvd/cd and online full info
The first issue of Roots and Branches is scheduled for Summer 2005, which will feature news on the welsh break beat driven dance scene. As well as other musical genres. With in the pages there will be features on, art, film and politics. This will be a free non-profit making magazine and is funded by sponsers and advertising. With every issue there is a dvd and will coincide with roots-n-branches.co.uk on-line.

If you would like to contribute to this in any of the following areas email the a
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Anyone know how to do a guestbook on a .php-based site?
A free guestbook......
I know there must be several out there but I aint got no web skills so I can't do do it myself Oops

PM me if u can help Kisskiss

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