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alpha omega basslines make me hop like a little kid
bass, bassline
bass, bassline
bass, bassline

this is strictly for the dj
tell me are you feeling this?

fuck me! "Poltergeist" possibly has his best bassline ever!

MC McGee pon mic
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So, if basslines need to be mono...
Roughly at what frequency can you move to stereo?

Example: I want a sub bass sound at the low end (where subs belong obviously) and a stereo low-end synth sound on top which is high-passed to let the sub through.

Clearly it depends on what decks/needles are being used, but there must be a rough point at which it's reasonably safe to use stereo.
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What are yis using to make them?!
Author: cordani - Replies: 100 - Views: 5423
top 10 basslines of all time?
i dont agree, but there are some choice picks here in this list....

Author: fanu - Replies: 49 - Views: 4154
Funkiest basslines made?
Pearl Jam - W.M.A
holy shit Homerdrool

so simple yet effective it makes me wanna.... Jig
Author: Naphta - Replies: 35 - Views: 3141
name me famous/signature basslines from hardcore/jungle 1992-1993.

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