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behold: WONDER BOOTY!!!...
[Image: http://fek.az/popsik2/image08.jpg]

[Image: http://fek.az/popsik2/image02.jpg]

[Image: http://fek.az/popsik2/image04.jpg]

click the link below for more of wonder booty...


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...started a new topic on my 1003rd post...

haven't posted a new topic in months...thought i kicked the habit...but on a friday like this with temperatures rising...the only thing i can think of is cocktails, bbq's and early nineties hip hop...poolside chilling Homerdrool

gone are the days Sad2

then again, almost weekend so better get my pink glasses and enjoy the corporate happy hour at 4pm today Mrgreen
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Behold my Ferrograph of doom
Hyper Hyper Hyper Hyper Hyper Hyper

My Grandad's old Ferrograph series 6 tape recorder (shown without tapes mounted) is now mine and integrated into my setup. This baby was made in 1965/66! Hyper Just saw one online for $600 too, not that I am selling.

The frequency response (at 7.5 inches per second) reaches up to 15000 Hz, perfectly adequate for me, the tape works fine, plus it came with a moving coil/ribbon mic that sounds g
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Behold: the Atheists' Nightmare!
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Cannon Boys - Behold a Pale Horse LP Sampler!

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