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ben sage exclusive mixset for magic vinyl mp3 download insid
ben sage has made this set to get his dj skillz closer to u and to promote his upcoming release on magic vinyl!

the set is in 192 kbs and pure slamming!


Defiant - Infinite (Unsigned)
2DB - Pick Pocket (Grid)
Zen - Minefield (Formation)
Baron - Effortless Chic ()
Defiant - Sideswipe (Unknown)
Ink and J Dub - Muppetshow (Outbreak)
Defiant - Elemental (Ben Sage Remix)
Illskillz - Forgive Myself (D.Kay Remix) (Critical)
Psidream - Secret Life (Unknown)
Raiden - Cenobyte
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Attn Phokus / Ben Kei / Croms
you should all be able to see the moderators only forum now - moderately moderate

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Subvert look-a-likes: Ben Kei versus....
......Frank T.J. Mackie

Ben Kei:
[Image: http://krant.telegraaf.nl/krant/actueel/...cruise.jpg]

Frank TJ Mackie just chillin' wit da SC kru (on the bottom right corner):
[Image: http://rah.gq.nu/Fanu/geeks.jpg]

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Zeus [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag.../scope.gif]

[Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag...es/bow.gif] [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag...es/bow.gif]

mate, what can i say - you're responsible for all this!!!

have a great day man, and enjoy yourself tonight Cool

peter gott Hahaha
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ooh this is starting to look really nice ben!
boh in yer general direction
looks badass on osx :B
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::NEWSBOMB - Seba, Ben Sage, Wizard tours, releases + more::
[Image: http://cov-ops.co.uk/gammaray/gammasmall.jpg]

After 3 years of dedicating his time to promoting local events in Toronto under Gamma Ray Productions, Wizard was once again excited by the diversity of the sounds in drum'n'bass and decided to bring his label back on the international market. After a long hiatus, Gamma Ray returns in a whole new form.

Welcome Gamma Ray Entertainment. The company will continue to concentrate on promoting events under Gamma Ray Productions, release in
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SOLK, 23-09-2005 // OUTRAGE // BREAKAGE // BEN L. // MUNIC
A fresh SOLK edition is coming up with Breakage and Outrage (live and dj)!

It has been quiet for some months around the SOLKsters, but we return fiercely this 6th SOLK. It's up to Breakage and Outrage to keep the high SOLK quality level as it is set by Paradox, Blame, Alpha Omega, Goldie, Doc Scott, A Sides and 4Hero. Alongside these icons our own Munic and Ben L. will treat ya on the best beatz and breakz again!

C ya @ SOLK!

what: SOLK #6
when: 23rd September
where: Hedon // Zwolle /
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now in session - dj yabba, dj FT, Ben Dark,



TUNE IN RIGHT NOW AT http://www.the-silent-coup.org/radio
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Ben and Jerry's Black n Tan Flavour!
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just wanted to say hi to BEN ;)
Hi benniboi haven't talked to you in ages...hope all is well

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