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benefits to living in complete anarchy?

no government means no tax... providing an essential service means no warlords will mess with you.. giving somalia some of the cheapest internet and phone costs in northern africa... virtually no censorship, and better services than its democratic stable neighbours...

and they are even planning to introduce 3g and video calling far ahead of any other country in the region... all with no government, and wandering gunmen on the
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Ecstasy trial planned to test benefits for trauma victims
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Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 55 - Soul Eraser - A Concept Mix On The UK Benefits System
Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 55 - Soul Eraser (March 2012)

"If we recognize mutual obligations, how far does that mutuality extend? Who is 'us' and to whom can we legitimately say we have no obligation? If we only look to ourselves, we narrow our field of vision and in the end become automata: selfish, self-obsessed, habitually shirking our responsibilities. If we only take the longest view, we somehow forgive ourselves for not noticing what is under our feet or in the next street. But both the
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The bright side of sadness: sadness' unappreciated benefits

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