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Black Dice
the mighty Black Dice are playing!!!

check out their cosmic hardcore noiseprov

6th May The Garage, London

supported by Part Chimp - also recommended

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NE1 heard the new Black Rain LP yet?!?
Really want to grab this...

...but am after some innitial first impressions from the gurus of good taste!


"I bet thee it's proper boh as well!

Shut up Kevin you never liked Omni Trio anyway you feathery piece of piss! They are proper boh.

What do you mean there's only one of them, they're called a trio you gobshite?!?

Oh god I've pissed me self again. Oh well off t' clean self up"
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Black Kites: a shoegazer dnb experiment
Stream for the dial-up crew

All opinions welcome Grin
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black hole 'sings' in b-flat
sound in general keeps getting more and more interesting ...

[Image: http://a799.g.akamai.net/3/799/388/1b27f...007906.jpg]
  "WASHINGTON, Sept. 9 —   Big black holes sing bass. One particularly monstrous black hole has probably been humming B-flat for billions of years, but at a pitch no human could hear, let alone sing, astronomers said Tuesday.  
THE INTENSITY of the sound is comparable to human speech,” said Andrew Fabian of the Institute of Astro
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Black hole hums deepest note ever detected

Now how's about that for some sub bass......
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Black Eyes (Dischord Rec.) - European Tour
i saw them yesterday: five guys playing chaoticfunkynoisydubbypunk on two drumkits, percussion, two bass guitars, saxophone, and one guitar, singing and screaming from the top of their lungs: hell yeah!
everybody with an open ear for off-kilter punk should check them out!

wed 5th holland, rotterdam vpro live radio show
thurs 6th germany, muelheim az
fri 7th germany, bonn kult 41
sat 8th germany, hannover korn
mon 10th sweden, gothenborg kungsgatan
tues 11th sweden
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Sauna Samurai - "Black Bag"

Some new downtempo material from my new moniker Wink Fanu Drums
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Unwind Black Christmas Sessions : ESB & Union
[Image: http://www.badthad.com/xmas/bad_santa.gif]

monday night : 6pm-8pm EST
*click above to access*

date:monday dec/22/03
time:6PM-8PM EST/11PM-1AM GMT
url: www.club246.com
selektors:ESB [urbnet/precision/s.c.] & Union

[b][size=2]Tune in for the 48th edition of the Unw
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[Image: http://www.funxion.gr/BSE2/bse_p/funxionfront_small.jpg][Image: http://www.funxion.gr/BSE2/bse_p/funxionback_small.jpg]

INFO : http://www.funxion.gr/BSE2/
forum : http://www.funxion.gr/forum/

Funxion & Master Of Sound presents: Black Sun Empire Driving Insane Lp launch party

Funxion presents the mostly ascending stars of the drum & bass scene, the 'Black Sun Empire'.
A year after their prime performance in Athens the Dutch djs and producers strike
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black tomatoes?!?

LONDON (Reuters) - Last year, purple was the new orange for vegetables, but this year it is black that is stealing the limelight on greengrocers' shelves -- as the new red.

Following its success last year with the purple carrot, supermarket chain Sainsbury's said on Monday it was trialling a new breed of black tomato, called the Kumato.

Six years of res

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