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Favourite BLUE tune........
A hard working talented person, soon to get the recognition he deserves.

My Favourite tune........AREA51..........never to hear see the light of day!! (A 2002 re-work would be good mate!!)

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Attn Blue .........

You may remember our film discussion a while back about the weird films we have seen......

well i have stumbled upon a beauty its called "Nightmare in a Brain" have you seen it ? if so what did you think ?

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fao BLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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attn Blue
you little bugger.
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Attn Blue/Scope
Boys i have never seen you looking so good, i'm glad you finally got the webcam working for those avatar photos
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hi, im blue from streetbeats! we are all made of stars!

[Image: http://www.moby.com/PhotosMoby/Moby-passport-3.jpg]
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Attn Blue and Scope ..........
Blue Congratulations on todays victory you still are the second best team in the premiership !!

Scope ............. Lol there is always next season mate.
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blue - melted down
the beats and vocal is so :speecheless: just gotta listento it and feel iT!i

never paid too much attention to your releases before but this made me
to check your label frequently now.

big up
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Role Reversal .......... Blue !!
Ok following on from the thread the other day who would you like to remix your tunes ?
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Blue/Strike/Scope .....
Chat ??

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