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Andy C is a bollox
Was meant to play belfast last night....he cancelled, here's how the guy that runs the club put it:

A.S. Wrote:"Apologies for last night's fiasco. Got a text (???) from Andy's agent at exactly 9.34pm to say that Andy had arrived at the airport, felt unwell (apparently he'd been ill all week) and had to return home."

the gig was supposed to kick off at 10....

i got a phone call at 9:50 askin could i play, i was at a mates suprise birthday playin, so luckily i had a bag
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mastering bollox
I was wondering if anybody masters there own tunes or whether you give tunes to people to master? When I have mixed down a tune it tends to sound lower than everybody else when I put it up and compare it to everyone else on the internet. My actual wav file is pretty much below the -3db level and I was thinking this might be the problem, as in I should set the output on my mixer higher so that it goes above -3db.
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Bass bollox
Ok on every tune I think I have ever worked on, the bass has been absolutely shit - I think. I've even tried nicking other people's basses from drum and bass cd's and using them but it doesn't sound great. I was wondering if I could post up a bit of tune so that someone could give me some advice on where I am going wrong, or what I might be able to do?

Examples of tunes I have done are here:


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