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U.S. Finds Dirty Bomb WMD Stockpile In Iraq

[quote]The Russian-made R-60, NATO code name AA-8 Aphid, air-to-air missiles are part of a huge stockpile of former Iraqi Air Force munitions uncovered in over a dozen concrete bunkers.

The Russian-made missiles are more than 6 feet long. Each carries 1.6 kilograms or about 3.5 pounds of radioactive uranium wrapped around a high explosive warhead.

U.S. bomb experts noted the R-60 warheads are similar in design
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Phonic Live Radio - Trisect Show (Kymatik & Adam Bomb) N
Trisect show (Kymatik & Adam Bomb) 7-9

No Blindside show this week.

Hi Qual: http://www.phonic-live.com/radio_hi.m3u
Lo Qual: http://www.phonic-live.com/radio_lo.m3u


Dont forget other shows this week: Kidkut, Contradiction, Rubik Records and INperspective among others...
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Hitler 'tested small atom bomb'
Rainer Karlsch said that new research in Soviet and also Western archives, along with measurements carried out at one of the test sites, provided evidence for the existence of the weapon.

"The important thing in my book is the finding that the Germans had an atomic reactor near Berlin which was running for a short while, perhaps some days or weeks," he told the BBC.

"The second important finding was the atomic tests carried out in Thuringia and on the Baltic Sea."

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Vex'd - Gunman / Smart Bomb - Planet Mu


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[VIDEO] Pepe the canine bomb!
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Limewax - Bomb
So that is what DnB has become while i have been away ?
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bomb the system
this film's dope...

a lil' story about some graf writers in nyc...

anyone here seen it?...

el-p did the score...

shit is slick...

check it:



[Image: http://www.boomkat.com/media/stock_image...tem-Fr.jpg]
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Flipper - Sex Bomb
Falcon Falcon
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force causes bomb scare in boston yesterday

people are so fucking stupid. SO SO SO FUCKING STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID.

"Gee there's a light bright with a picture of an alien giving the finger... it must be a bomb!!!!"

I know the guy who was arrested, he has VJ'd at a bunch of my Boston shows, etc. What makes it even more horrible is the way the media around continue to refer to it as a "bomb hoax", like people put up these signs INTENDING to freak people out

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