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Boom Boom Satellites - Sloughin' Blue (Paradox Remix)
back by request. one for the headbangers Slayer

21th century highspeed mp3 download ---> Paradox Virtual Drummer Remix
stone age modem massive realaudio stream ---> Paradox Virtual Drummer Remix
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Boom Bip anyone?
I got the new album this week and am really enjoying it. I would definitely suggest picking it up.
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boom diggy
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Aquasky: Concrete Boom
quality tune, that filtered sax, quality stuff on reinforced. anyone reccomend similar sax manglage?
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0=0 & King B2B at "Bass Go Boom"
Thanks to the valiant efforts of one Alan Lam (I have always depended on the kindness of Stranjah)…we have managed to salvage a 1:11 recording of the evening from around 1am on. King and 0=0 went back to back for approx 7 hours. It was a lot of fun. It’s great to have this recording because we didn’t feel that we were actually there; so this documentation proves it and allows us to relive the bass going BOOM!


4 Hero - 9×9 (Marcus Intalex Remix)
TIC - Promo #
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Wii Game - Boom Blox
Went round my Brother's gaff yesterday to help him fill a skip - afterwards I decided to have a go on his Wii. Last time I was round there, my 4 year old nephew beat me several times at a game called Boom Blox, so I decided to get a little practice in for next time.

I didn't leave my brother's house for the next ten hours.

This game is so addictive. I love it.

Anyone else played this? I'm considering buying a Wii just for this game.

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A sonic boom in the world of lasers
A sonic boom in the world of lasers
June 17th, 2009

It was an idea born out of curiosity in the physics lab, but now a new type of ‘laser’ for generating ultra-high frequency sound waves instead of light has taken a major step towards becoming a unique and highly useful 21st century technology.

Scientists at The University of Nottingham, in collaboration with colleagues in the Ukraine, have produced a new type of acoustic laser de
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Myom – Dub Foundation (dubby halfstep dnb - Boom Tschak-Podcast #03)
, 101 MB, 76 Min.

A dubby and reggae-influenced selection of bass music at 172 bpm, that Myom still calls Drum & Bass, but you might not.

The mix is very deep, mostly h
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Dope On Plastic - the hip-hop boom bap
has there ever been a hiphop thread on Subvert Central?

if not, its here. Smile

old & new, ruff with di smooth. what gets you goin?

a good place to start. reachin back. reachin back. thread title inspiration right here. and yeah, Rob Swift for days. the Gangis Kahn freestyles on this blew my mind back when.


Artist :Rob Swift
Album : The Ablist
Year : 1999

Tracklist :

01 - day one
02 - dope on plastic
03 - what would you do-
04 - night ti

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