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Anybody ordered from Boomkat before?

Anybody used them before? How fast is delivery (to outside of the UK)?
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Vertical Form sale at Boomkat
Really cool sale here, still a few really good things going - http://www.boomkat.com/promotion.cfm?id=6

I picked up these a few days ago -

Sixtoo - The Psyche Years, 2xLP, £4.99
Sixtoo - Antagonist Survival Kit, 2xLP, £4.99
Corkey/Conboy - In The Light of That Learnt Later, 2xLP, £4.99
Smyglyssna - We Can Fix It, 2xLP, £4.99
Pan American - The River Made No Sound, 2xLP, £4.99

Absolutely awesome Lovesmilie
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Ninja Tunes CD promotion at Boomkat
any CD at £7 each
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anyone ordered from boomkat before?
especially international customers...

wondering if they are pretty quick or not?
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trojansale on boomkat
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Skam sale at Boomkat
Ouch... just as I swear to myself I won't buy any records for a while, one of the most important labels in electronic music has a sale. Lame.

Check it out though - Bola, Shadow Huntaz, Prefuse 73, Freeform etc. Double LPs for 4.99, CD albums for 2.99 Lovesmilie
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Damn you Boomkat
and your bountiful delights Wink

just put an order in for these goodies:

Ø (MIKA VAINIO) - Kantamoinen
TUNNG - Mother’s Daughter And Other Stories
RICHIE HAWTIN - DE9 / Transitions
[url=http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=4112]SQUAREPUSHER - Go Pla
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boomkat: Basic Channel repress sale ends 11/5/06!!
bc hs repressed much of their back catalogue to celebrate their 10th anniversary Icon_eek, and much of it is still there (except q1.1,Icon_cry), ₤4.99 apiece. if u missed some 1st time around now's the chance to get fresh-mynted deep grooves~ :d
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Boomkat Summer Promotion
omg - quite a lot of nice Rephlex, Planet Mu and Leaf. Bye bye bank balance.

It almost makes up for having spent the day typing things like \[Z_{\a m}(z,s;f)|_{s=0} = \sum_{\g\in\G_{\a}\backslash\G}\overline{\la\g,f\ra}\frac{\Im(\s_{\a}^{-1}\g z)^{s}}{j(\s_{\a}^{-1}\g,z)^{2}}e(m\s_{\a}^{-1}\g z)\vert_{s=0},\].
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boomkat sale

some good stuff thar! aaaarrrrrggghh! Piratenaphta

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