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The Mighty Boosh Appreciation
I love this show. Makes me laugh so hard..........

Tons of hard amen jungle rinseouts in little parts also Smile
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Attn Mighty Boosh massive
'The Hitcher' Hahaha

slap bass Rofl

[Image: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/imagedump/8302.jpg]
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Boosh! Boosh! Boosh!
"Look deep into the Parka, show me what you dream of"

'Tundra' just finished on BBC2. I assume it will be on every Wednesday 7-7:30 now?

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boosh fans: radio series vs. tv series
i'd like to know what you think is best, as i've had the cd's of the radio show in my car for a month and it's still killing me every time i listen.

i've not watched much of the tv series and when i did i was only half watching and knew not what mastery was before me.

so i'm wondering if i should bother watching the tv series because i don't see how it could be better (as room 101, fist of fun etc..).
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New Mighty Boosh coming soon...
Hyper Can't wait...
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11pm - bbc3

Gonna be top class Grin

During a break at Kodiak Jack's reclusive log cabin, Kodiak tells Howard of the mythical Yeti that lives in the forest. His desire for fame and fortune gets the better of him and Howard trades Vince for directions to the Yetis lair. However, things don't go according to plan when the Yetis kidnap Howard and Vince is propositioned by a maniac trapper.
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mighty boosh
I haven't laughed so much in ages....

... the bits last night involving the moon singing poems about the 1969 moon landings made me cry...

"neil armstrong walking on my face" Hahaha

Is the first series available on dvd does anyone know?
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boosh Fans - Bob Fossil's Insult of the week
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The Mighty Boosh - Series 2 Episode 2
Just seen the repeat, as I was away during the week.

quite possibly one of the funniest things ive seen Hahaha

could be my favourite ever episode yet
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boosh tonight :)

23:00 bbc3


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