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Quantum Tricks Boost CD Data Storage
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EQ: Boost vs Attenuation
I tend to find attenuating the unwanted rather boosting the wanted helps alot in terms of less muddiness and de-clutering frequencies!

IE. If you dont have enough of a certain frequeny, attenuate the other frequncies rather than boosting that frequency. Leaves more room when you come to mixing down.

Just wondering what peoples opinions are??
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Maximum Boost! 90s Jungle fashion article from Vice mag. Wicked photos

A wicked little article from Vice magazine about the fashion of 90s jungle music. Some great photos. Brings back a lot of memories! I went to a lot of the clubs but was A) too young to afford the garms and B) too young to know where the f*** to buy them!

[Image: http://www.vicestyle.com/media/jp_29b.jpg]

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