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Author: trust - Replies: 11 - Views: 487
Anybody have hi-quality versions of these breaks?
Anybody have 44.1 wav's of any of these?

DJ Mink - Hey Hey Can you relate
Manzel - Midnight Theme
Paris - Make way for a Panther
Beginning of the End - Funky Nassau
Phill Collins - In the air tonight
Author: Da Inspector KOD - Replies: 10 - Views: 578
reverb on breaks? how many use it?
how many guys out here use reverb on your breaks... i have only on one tune and it deff giving a nice effect but what the general opinion of you guys here? do you reg use reverb? and if so what kinda reverb plug in;s do you use that you have found give the best result
Author: D2eF - Replies: 1 - Views: 292
Could anyone help me out naming these breaks?
hello all,

dodgy to lurk for a while and then enter with a question, i know, but maybe someone can help me out with naming these anyway:

(that's a 2kb lofi mp3-file with 3 well known breaks as used by the likes of 4hero, innerzone orchestra, paradox)


Author: beckett - Replies: 30 - Views: 667
Anyone want some breaks?
Namely these:

1 Wilson Pickett Engine #9
2 Kid Dynamite Uphill Peace Of Mind
3 Headhunters, The God Made Me Funky
Vocals - Pointer Sisters
4 Meters, The Hand Clapping Song
5 Mountain Long Red
6 James Brown Funky President
7 Dexter Wansel Theme From The Planets
8 Esther Williams Last Night Changed It All
9 Jackson 5, The It's Great To Be Here
10 Marvin Gaye T Plays It Cool
11 Galactic Force Band, The Space Dust
12 Cecil Holmes 2001
13 Dennis Coffe
Author: fraher - Replies: 12 - Views: 820
Pre eqing breaks?
Hello SC Heads, just looking for some general info on this process, different methods used, standard practices, prefered plugs etc. any help much appreciated,



Author: plume - Replies: 2 - Views: 475
A definitive guide to the most relevant d'n'b breaks?!
I can't imagine that this is a new idea. Is there a basic guide available on the most commonly used breaks in d'n'b such as the amen, funky drummer, apache, tighten up, etc? A quick sample of the break itself, and then a snippet from which the break is sampled from would be a drumfunk geek's ultimate dream.

does such a thing exist?

not only would I appreciate it as an avid listener and dj but I think it would be easier to explain EDM production to the uninitiated, people who are interest
Author: Primorcon - Replies: 5 - Views: 823
Danny Breaks?
I've just been jamming Transmit Fantastic for an hour or two and I can't believe I forgot how good it was. anyone know if he has anything in the works? seeing as this was his most recent EP and it came out in '06
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