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Attn: Brighton Crew!
i'm looking to escape Oxford for a weekend soon... probably in September time since i'm gigging every weekend untill then!!!

when is a good time to come down and what events are going on!!

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Stacks' Brighton record shoppping updates
Energy Flash have opened a real shop above 'to be worn again' on Sydney Street. Well, they've been open a while but I only checked it out this weekend.

Brilliant 2nd hand selection. I got:

Arcon 2 - the beckoning (thanks to Statto for pointing out that I needed this record badly... you were right)
Danny Breaks - Beat Biterz
Droppin Science - Solar Jive
Droppin Science presents Safari Sounds
Therapy- loose (Photek mix)
Babylonian - Nemesis

Prices are a good bit cheaper than the we
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Attn Blue + Duffah + Stacks + BRIGHTON KRU
As discussed earlier, what do you reckon to this ? (Wkend of the 22/08 - 24/08 )

Outward Journey

Leave - Reading @ 16.05pm
Arrive - @ 18.14pm


Leave - 16.56pm
Arrive - 19.32pm

Coming Back

Leave - 10.10am
Arrive - 12.14am


Leave - 10.51
Arrive - 13.16

Wha ya reckon Blud ?

Also forecast is rain all day for Friday Icon_yippee
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Attn: Those visiting Brighton on the 22 August
please can i have a confirmation list of all those attending.

also can you confirm mode of transport.

we are leaving reading at 16.34 and will be arriving in brighton at around 19.00.

i want this organised soon please.

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yep once again my liver will be confronted with many alcoholic beverages in the good company of blue, altered ego, duffah and stacks i believe may make an appearance too hopefully. if anyone's in the area and fancies getting completely leathered then come on down. Hahaha

look forward to it guys, bank holiday piss ups are always good! Xyxthumbs

to all the rest of the world Cheers where ever you may be have a good weekend all and we'll see you on the other side!

ps i still insist we sh
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Blue in moving to Brighton shocker.
As from the end of november Streetbeats will officially be based in Brighton.


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where is BRIGHTON, Pool Valley coach station ?

is it convenient?

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow
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Statto stranded in Brighton shocker
no one met the bus
waited for an hour
no one turned up
wasted £8.60 on a taxi checking vague recollections of pubs (Druids, Albert)
no one was there
wasted £36 on a hotel for the night
now wasted £1 in an internet cafe
complete with £20 wasted on bus fare


I'd post a realsad smiley but he's not unhappy enough
Author: nerve - Replies: 11 - Views: 1370
Nerve ALSo in stranded in Brighton SHoCkeR!!!!

cheers guys for going without me. had the worst train journey home that evening.

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Brighton Pier......
Its a bit crap really isnt it?

i prefer the old one.....

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