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all world leaders are criminals:history is a broken record
i was just reading thru some history the other day, like i do periodically in the course of my studies...usually i go thru a certain period and regime, and the course of events before and after those periods, and it can be anywhere, anytime in history...

... and again, like before, i noticed that history indeed repeats over and over again, that people make the same deliberate mistakes as if under the influence of the same evil spell every time...

it is heartbreaking, i thought, what is it
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London heads - Been to Co-op ? Broken Beats ?
So thats what the 4 hero boys and Seiji, G-Force etc are doing now.

Broken beat. They have a night called Co-op every Sunday night.

Meant to be really good.

Anyone checked it out yet ??
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Initial (Uv's amazing drummer) in broken hand shocker.
The big eejit broke his knuckle the other night and cant play beats for us on Tuesday and is out of action for approx. 2-4weeks.

The silly fool has just bought his D-Drums as well.

silly bugger.
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Squawk - Broken Faith (remake)
Broken Faith (remake)

its my "untitled" tune ... same breaks different all the other tune....

this one goes to a girl Oops Oops Icon_exclaim Icon_exclaim Icon_exclaim

"Just what is it that you want to do"
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Statistics is broken
does a couple & then comes up with this

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SAUCE DIRECT new mp3s up- Pieter K tribute mix + Broken beat
[Image: http://www.flux.fm/img/header.gif]
Drum 'n Bass Radio on FLUX.FM

With sauciers, FIFE & DJ M
2nd & 4th Sundays from 1-3pm PST (9-11pm GMT)
AIM: directsauce

Sunday, April 11

Hour 1: DJ M (Faultline, SOMA Sessions - SF)
160KBPS MP3: stream | [url=http://www.flux.fm/audio/sauce/SauceDirect_
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Alaska - Broken Silence / Parameter X (Vibez 011)
just found a copy of this online for a fiver
it's now on its way to me
but I already have it

who wants to buy it off me? Grin
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classic hiphop or broken beats
so, it's me solo tonight but i've brought some extra vinyl with me so i could ask you: "what do you want as a special feature tonight?"

classic hiphop (ultramagnetic, bdp, mantronix, but also some early wu-tang, dilated peoples etc.)
broken beats (4 hero crew, nubian mindz, domu... head2toe, archive, 2000black, twisted funk etc.)

the special feature is something we do the first half hour of the show from time to time to spice things up and to broaden the horizon...the music we play al
Author: Spex2k4 - Replies: 8 - Views: 1383
Suggestion on who to send deep house/broken beat cuts to?
I hate to put in in genres but,

its alng the lines of broekn beat/nu jazz/house style demo.

can anyone suggest who would be the best UK Based labesl to send to please.


Author: butler - Replies: 3 - Views: 395
sort of broken, sort of house-y mix...
if you're into it, have a download...

it's a short 30min mix

tracklist =

irfane - just a little lovin'
no comment - you know
hexstatic - salvidor (seiji rmx)
niall - music of the sun
marcus enochson - you'll shine
moody allen - extra mile (david borsu rmx)
the five corners quintet - the devil kicks (sumo-on -wheels rmx)
kenny dixon jr. - should've known
wei chi - faces and pla

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