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all about the lunchtime beer + burger for £2.99
wetherspoons r00l!
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World's biggest burger
[Image: http://www.ananova.com/images/web/539897.jpg]

A US restaurant has beaten its record for the world's biggest burger with a whopping 15-pounder.

Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, already had the title with a 6lb burger.

But owners thought a 15-pound burger would prove an even bigger attraction, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Diners who can finish the £25 burger in under five hours win £200, a T-shirt and have their name posted on the pub's wall of
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That deep fried bacon double cheese burger is for wimps!!!
http://www.gbsfood.com/1634356 Yes real mans food......
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lol @ nsfw burger
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apache burger!
i think i'm gonna hit this joint called apache burger for lunch today Xyxthumbs

pics to come Wink

i hope the food is as good as the break Hahaha

snacks friday type thread
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[Burger biz] ATTN MAC! (NSFW)
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John Nettles Burger Rack
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Wholly Cow - (BURGER LOVE)

an alternative to assisted suicide perhaps.

Happy eating

Bherga Creaux :Slayer:

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