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mf doom & m.i.c. appreciation thread
the best thing in hiphop in fucking ages!

mic-lp escape from monsta island, the king geedorah lp, the forthcoming madvillain project by doom & madlib, mf grimm's lp, the forthcoming viktor vaughn the vaudeville villain lp and the list goes on..

can't help but biggin up the man like [Image: http://www.b-boys.com/images/nyc/mfdoomsm.jpg]
altho there's some sort of beef with doom and mf grimm and the rest of the mic collective and seems that doom is the main bastard on this one.

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attn c. lindo
cd arrived today thanks a lot for sending........
i like the tracks !!!!
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Alex C's Dodgy Reviews

This poor lad is suffering a little bit from "if its popular on the floor it has to be good" syndrome....

His reviews give all the big tunes high scores regardless of their quality and then seems to throw in token "less noteworthy tunes". Which is fair enough i suppose if he's not getting paid to do it. I however would prefer to see him put in a bit more effort and seek out music that is good rather than re
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Alex C's reviews on DOA revisited
oh deary me once again Alex C completely ignores tons of quality releases in favour of tunes which people have so rinsed to death they must be like a faded sepia silent movie from the 1920's..

check this out
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Pieter K - I.C.H.B.Y. (Polar Rmx)
Whatever happend to this tune "It Could Have Been You' of the LP, will it ever be released. did the DAT got lost, fell of the bridge. need some answers. Lol

Pieter or anyone else knows anything as to when BBS will release it ?

sneak peak -- > Polar Remix
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andy c drops acid rain at the end!!!
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the andy c debate
i think a few people got their wires crossed.

the reason why people are exited is because its nice to have 'our' music 'our' and sound reconised. it has nothing to do with people now loving andy c just cos he played acid rain & colemanism.

i dont understand the :yawn bizniz??????????

after i heard andy had played one of my tunes at ram, i certainly didnt feel like sleeping. i was actually very proud of chris, breakage and hey... even me and neppers!

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Who is Justin C on lucky spin recs?
i just picked up 'Wild Orkid' - The Magic In You / Orkid.

produced by Darren Beale & Justin C.

who is this Justin C?
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Hi-Res Download O new Tr-(c)ack

I shall also whack this in the beat ranch fear not!


its a bit weird. and the fade at the end is crap i know.

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