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Muttley - Ship's Close To Port (Vincent Kuhner, The Caretaker, Alaska, Olan Mill...
Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 40 - Ship's Close To Port - June 2010

[Image: http://static.boomkat.com/images/283790/333.jpg]


01. 00:00 Foci's Left - Regurgitated Impulses (Darren Harper remix) (from "Spillage" EP, Audio Gourmet, 2010)
02. 01:03 Jan Linton - Buddha Machine remix 1.5 (sounds from the Buddha Machine by FM3, unreleased, 2009)
03. 02:32 Vincent Kuhner - First (from the "Hiatus" EP, Audio Gourmet, 2010)
04. 02:50
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the caretaker's new album - holy shit
holy  shit indeed. this is a deep deep deep album. the '78 vinyl manipulation is something completely otherworldly. recommended if you like: Beethoven, bach, satie, foxx, budd, eno, library music and soundtracks In general; it's just so effortless, so organic sounding and so terrifyingly unique. I don't know how one would make it apart from magic, it's just that good.

I never mean to cream over music, I always need an element of my satire in critique, but honestly, this is breathtaking.


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