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I Got Run Over! Anyone know about how cars are crash-tested?

I haven't been around lately since I was hit by a car - whilst walking on a zebra crossing in broad daylight! :O

So anyway I am fine and the man has been charged and I get dollars compensation, woooo!

Er, anyway...what I wanted to ask was: does anyone know about how cars are made to crumple so well? The car bonnet was dented and the windscreen smashed to bits by my head (but I didn't bleed and my body is totally fine!). Seems as if cars are made to break easily to sav
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Nothin' beats synths (except shotguns and beatin up cars)
Author: firefinga - Replies: 0 - Views: 461
Modern cars connected to the internet - hacked

Yeah can't wait to download security updates for my car....

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