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cartoon network star wars clone wars tonight vol 1-10
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Cartoon Boobs get the ...
.... HEAVE HO!!

And are now replaced with a slightly more tasteful avatar Cool

Cheers Henna Grin
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Most Hated Cartoon Villain?
All this talk about jesus has raised an interesting question....

whats your most hated cartoon villian.... (megatron doesnt count because he's both gay and crap)

My vote goes for that 5 O'Clock shadowed bastard Texas Pete....he was so shite....AND he hung aroud with a skeleton imaginatively called "Bones" and a fat bastard called "Bulk"

He never even came close to defeating superted and his overtly homosexual companion "spotty"

the mere site of him made my blood boil because you ju
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[WEIRD 70@s CARTooN] Fantastic Planet
i dare not watch the French version

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Cartoon Sounds
So ive just spent most of my weekend working on an Animation project a friend of mine is trying to get into this years Galway film festival.

I finnished normal work at 5 o'Clock on friday and went straight to the studio where I stayed until 5 in the morning making sound effects out of wet tea towels, Sheets, Flight cases and anything else that was lying around the studio. Grin
Then on Saturday I added some music and got the levels right on all the FX and got the overall track mastered for D
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Interviews with 80's/90's cartoon villains.
The audio is a bit shit, but there's some good lines in there. My favourites are Megatron reminiscing about whoring himself for Energon cubes, Skeletor discussing Ram-mans drinking problems and Krang talking about the time he came home drunk and climbed into the microwave by mistake.

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Dark As Fook Novelty Cartoon 90's Chart Hit B-Side Thread
Shaft - Bolts Beats

Say what you like about sampling Roobarb and Custard then lacing it with rave piano riffs.....this is one of my most beloved cassette single B-Sides ever, and still freaks me out to this day. DARK Yes

''God told me to skin you alive'' and so on

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[90's CARTOON] "The Tick"
I can't actually remember if I ever saw this series of cartoons when it was originally broadcast in the 90's... but this week my missus has been playing some of them on Youtube and they are damn funny Lol

Watched this one yesterday ...

Any other Tick fans ?!

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