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the case for and against the united states.
ok. let me hear it.

time for random rumours, and factual arguments against the united states government.

anything will do...

prove to me its a criminal organisation.

i will start...

the united states currently has more people on death row than any other nation.

but... many countries are not really going to be truthful about their stats when it comes to killing people... ie china, iraq, etc...
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Just in case anyone else forgot.....
I definitely forgot, so I thought I'd remind others in the same boat,

Just remember if you doing nothing else on saturday and the weather is nice there will be no better place to be.....


Its free, it's fun and........

.....you have the quiet sence of satisfaction of doing a good thing and making an important point.

Oh yes and for any-one that dosen't want to make a quiet point but a noisey load in your f
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Just in case you havent seen it..........

New pages available, including the new classifieds page.

Rofl Hahaha Rofl Hahaha Rofl Hahaha Rofl Hahaha Rofl Hahaha Rofl Hahaha Rofl Hahaha Rofl Hahaha
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First Case of Homosexual Necrophilia in Ducks Ever Recorded
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Case One
If anyone wants it, contact me on aim.
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The Case For Fearmongering

[quote]Shortly after Hiroshima, wrote physicist Richard Feynman in his memoirs, "I would go along and I would see people building a bridge ... and I thought, they're crazy, they just don't understand, they don't understand. Why are they making new things? It's so useless." Useless because doomed. Futile because humanity had no future. That's what happens to a man who worked on the Manhattan Project and saw
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Just in case you don't go to the ranch for mixes.
Yo check this shit out and make sure you got some nice woofers for this bass.



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Just in case some people haven't seen this before
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JMJ & Richie - "Case Closed" / "Hall Of Mirrors" £2.99!!!
Icon_exclaim *EDIT* 12" was listed as Shadow 35 but the soundclip plays Shadow 53, which is another JMJ & Richie release "Trouble in China" / "Subroutine"

Get this on Ebay ... "Buy it Now", so price is guaranteed...

Two blinding amen tunes from '93 (promo 12")


... funny though - Classic Trax are selling the same 12" for £46.99 !!!


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just in case.....

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