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Reinforced sample CD
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got it on the player now.... yesh yesh
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i have about 4-5 mixed CD's to offload
this snigga has some cd's of my radio show i wanna offload....

first 5 to pm their address will get these sloppy trainwrecked pro-nucular 256k mp3 mixes in der boxes
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i'm gonna bash! my neurosis cd's have been nicked!
start a thread whilst at work at fresh central regatding neurosis.....
come home to look for the afformentioned artists on cd....gone!
still have "pain of mind" and "souls at zero" on vinyl .....but my
"word as law" and "enemy of the sun" cd's are gone!

had a roomie a few years back whom i figured had sticky fingers...
he knew i had so many cd's that it would take me a few to realize
i was missing some crucial disks (my cd's get neglected large.....
in terms of the attention ratio gi
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distorted reality sample cd
anyone got this? -anyone tell me what sounds r on there, maybe sell me a copy?
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Attn Label owners and artists RE:Knowledge cd
we need to sort out whose gonna do what with regards to the knowledge cd.

suggestion? nominations?

i love living in a democracy!!
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ok..some thoughts (RE mix CD)
#1) FUCK KNOWLEDGE!!! LET'S GO FOR MIXMAG!!! I see CDs from Mix mag session in HMV...which means money...money means royalties...mixmag is a bigger institution anyways...and knowledge gives stupid people props..like fuckin' roni size (ya..I'm sure the bristol wankers do better PA's than paradox)

#2) I think the following tracks should be on the CD and I'll tell you why:

-for Offshore: Sileni - "Twitchy Droid Arm" - it's next level bizness...solid tune...and sileni could use the boost..ho
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Knowledge CD - Bailey confirmed to do the mix
just spoke to the man, and he's onboard Xyxthumbs

i invited him over here so he may pop up at some point........

the way it was left is that we would start to put together some kind of basic track-listing and keep him involved throughout, until we have a firm proposal we can put to knowledge....


leftfield massive say iiiiii
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tracks for the knowledge/bailey CD:
this is my input feel free to put yours..and let's see what we can come up with:

*Sileni "Twitchy Droid Arm" (Offshore)...or ASC "Drum Track 2"
Equinox "Costal Visions" (Warm Communications)..or that Banaczek tune
*Fracture & Neptunes "Colemanism" (Outsider)
*Future Engineers "The Silence (ASC Remix)" (no release info)
*0=0 - "Nosedive" (Mashed Up Records)
*Stranjah - "Chordz (0=0 Remix)" (Synaptic PLastic)
*Equinox - "Acid Rain (Breakage Remix)" (Inperspective)
Senses - "Darker Self"
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Anyone who wants a cd off of me???
Pm me your address and what you want.

you can have....

Drown Orchestra
Old stuff
New stuff
Interactive cds

place yer order.

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