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Cecil whatishisname thread
I bought Weather Report and Cecil Taylor. :P

Would probably listen to this a lot more than I will either of those though Roll
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Pharaoh Sanders and Cecil Mc Mbee
[Image: http://kitten.blog.ocn.ne.jp/kitten_diar...thembi.jpg]

Pharaoh Sanders
Lonnie Liston Smith

and the master Cecil Mc bEEE

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Conquistador - Cecil Taylor
just got this today and listened for the first time...

Chin Baffled Lovesmilie

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Cecil Taylor
just listening to him destroy Monk's Bemsha Swing

Hyper Hahaha
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Cecil Taylor - Luyah! The Glorious Step
Tune, Statto Kingstatto

Been listening for a few days now and it's great - the straighter band gives some reference for Taylor's playing, and it's on the edge but great. Nice vibe playing too, who is it?

Which album is it on? Smile


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