Author: boneca - Replies: 14 - Views: 1214
Pablo's Cheese & Wine affair, this very evening
How many folks here have been cordially invited to raid escobars wine racks this evening then? Anyone I haven't met yet?
Author: DJFracture - Replies: 11 - Views: 863
Ham and Cheese sarnie and a pint of london pride...
...on a sunny afternoon.

does it get any better?
Author: Blue - Replies: 12 - Views: 494
just do whatever you feel like......

danish cedar?
Author: Macc - Replies: 61 - Views: 2121
As requested: Cheese appreciation thread
Oh man, above ALLLLLLLL else, cheese is my favourite foodstuff, no question about it.

So many different styles, flavours, textures......... Homerdrool

Where would pizza be without the cheese behemoth that is mozzarella?

Where would pickle be without Cheddar?

Where would ANYONE be without cheese toasties?

Melted cheese is undoubtedly the finest thing ever.

Then you have stuff like Camembert (sp?), and Brie, both a delight to spread on a water biscuit or such like and chow th
Author: Macc - Replies: 38 - Views: 4351
Cheese toasties - best snack in existence?
I remember being four and walking home with mum from playschool, begging her to make cheese toasties for lunch.

Last night, I ate what were my 8156th and 8157th cheese toasties (I catatlogue them), and I still fucking love em.

Brevilles are alright, but actual PROPER grilled cheese toasties slay them IMO.........

So then, anything better? I'd take a cheese toastie over a pasty any day. And yes I did just say that.
Author: DJFracture - Replies: 2 - Views: 567
I just had some of the most rowdy cheese ever
fucking hell!!!! stunk my whole house out. creamy.

it was alive i swear!
Author: polygon - Replies: 13 - Views: 1040
rave piano... fucking wicked or cheese on toast crap?
just started a new tune with some happy piano! i like it myself but whats everyone elses view on the things?

btw - heres a little preview if you fancy giving us a bit of feedback Wink
Author: pez - Replies: 10 - Views: 1892
Jacket Potato with Cheese, Coleslaw, Onion and Pickle....
..... and extra pickle and cheese!

Homerdrool It's like there's a party in my mouth and everyone's invited!!! Just the thing for a hungover man like me!
Author: dgoHn - Replies: 3 - Views: 479
pickled cheese

thought all the snax lovers out there would be up for hearing of a new flavour of crisps I had today...

Walkers have introduced 'Cheese and Pickle' flavour crisps. It's an unusual taste sensation that leaves the mouth confused... it's like eating one bag of cheese and onion and a bag of pickled onion at once.

Hands up whose tried that?

Countdown to the crapper. 10...9...8...
Author: UFO_over_easy - Replies: 26 - Views: 685
Cheese is kind of cool

ive been trawling through clips on redeye, and have yet again been astounded at the amount of toss that gets released. also surprised at the amount of dub samples in clowny rubbish...

but there's a cheesy pop remix there that i actually quite like! it's a remix by noisia but it doesn't really sound like them - http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/sounds/cat6650b.asf

not sure who the original's by, but still Xyxthumbs

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