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Sunday Chillout mix
Sileni - 4D - Outsider
Equinox - Turbulence - Warm Communications
Source Direct + Instra Mental - Snake Style - Source Direct
PHD - Cyber Genetics - Ascendant Grooves
Paradox - Chords + Discords - Reinforced ---boH!!!!!!!!!!!!
ASC - Drum Track 1 [ Burning Bridges ] - Offshore
Seba - Hidden Reflections - Secret Operations
Perfect Combination - Get it together - Moving Shadow
Loxy + Ink - Deltaras - MetalHeadz
Cedar - Biowire - Good Looking
Dj Addiction - Live @ The Jazz Club - Partisan
Author: SETI - Replies: 0 - Views: 322
best chillout cd i've heard in a while
Chambao- "endorfinas de la mente"

it's chill, but i get excited because i'm falling in love with the singer...
Author: Mr.Abstract - Replies: 7 - Views: 1020
Leaving Amsterdam (Dnb/Chillout)
Just made a new tune called "Leaving Amsterdam" and would like to know what anyone thinks of it.Good or bad comments are welcome !

Leaving Amsterdam

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Nayf presents 28 not out - post-rock/folk/ambient/chillout/eclectic
It's my birthday, so I thought I'd be all self indulgent and piece together a three-hour mix (oh yes) soundtracking my neural nimblings at the moment. Here's some loose genres that some of these gems fall into - ambient, post-rock, downtempo, downbeat electronica, folk (both normal and 'laptop', what ever that phrase means), glitch, dubstep, dub techno, progressive rock (whatever that is). Kind of designed for lazy sunday mornings in bed reading the paper and avoiding moving anything, even your
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[Chillout] The Beagle Knows

Some chillout with puntastic title Grin

Uploaded the second draft this afternoon, had great fun messing around with semitone changes between bars/parts of bars Smile
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[acid-chillout'ish] oldie from 2004
Author: Jonas78 - Replies: 2 - Views: 995
[80-160 bpm] synthy chillout thing

started on this for the last rekkerd.org sample compo, but didn't manage the deadline + wanted to add some own samples.

Enjoy or not Smile



finished this remix of an oldschool UK hip hop track today:

Author: Roo Stercogburn - Replies: 2 - Views: 896
[Piano & Hum/Chillout] This Glow
A little oddity I started on Monday this week. Only 10 tracks, 8 of which are me humming in various forms, the others are a couple of piano tracks...

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Ambient Chillout Jungle mix for your Friday and beyond, care of me, Truth Agent
been a minute since I posted up a new mix....just recorded this one in Grass Valley a couple days ago. Lots of fun making it, it is all vinyl, un-practiced, everything thrown together basically on a whim. It's got Delpurr & Eraser, Klute, Rhyming in Fives, Fracture & Neptune, Bjork, B Key, Sleep Cycle, Paradox, and a fair amount of Seba as well as some other stuff (I haven't altogether worked out the tracklist yet, tbh). I'm pretty damn proud of this one, to be honest. Any and all feedback i

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