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Choose your own supergroup..........
mine would have to be............

Vocals: Guy Picciotto
Vocals: Pj Harvey
Guitar: Mark Ashworth or Jimmy Page
Guitar: Steve Albini
Bass: Geddy Lee
Drums: Todd Trainer
Sampler: Trent Reznor (plus backing vocals)
Keyboard: Herbie Hancock
Percussion: Neil Peart
Saxaphone:Ornette Coleman
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Choose your own supergroup of dead musicians.........
vocals:Kurt Kobain/William Burroughs
guitars:Jimi Hendrix/Kurt Kobain
bass:Charlie Mingus
drummers:John Bonham/Keith Moon
tenor sax:John Coltrane
trumpet:Miles Davis

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Choose your own ASC CD
I was thinking the other day that I have a lot of tracks on my hard drive that will never see the light of day due to numerous reasons, such as labels dissolving, distribution problems for some labels, remixes that never got released, VIP dubplates etc.. So I have decided to take a leaf out of Mykra's book and offer you the chance to buy a CD with 10 tracks of your choice.

Here is the list:

Dark of The Sun
Dead Calm
Ethereal Images (Remaster
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Tintin or Asterix - Choose Wisely!
Tintin or Asterix? Grin
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Choose Your Own Adventures.....
...funny how I thought I'd read all of them, guess not:

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a new mix to work on... you choose the vibe
it's been ages since i have buckled down and done a studio mix. most that
have been floating for about the last 4-5 months have been show archives
with talking. i decided i'd let the subverts choose the style & vibe of the mix.

vote wisely grasshoper Cool
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Krust - Choose Consciousness
I've got to say this a great one off his upcoming album!
Has anyone else heard this or any of the other new ones?
Very much like True Stories but in no sense a throwback.

Feelin' It
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Help me choose a company car pls ! (UK)

i know bugger all about cars, and ive just got a new job. ive got this option

Quote:also, i need to ask if you have any preferences on car, type, model, etc. we would be looking at something along the lines of a vw golf, audi a3, etc, although we can look at a larger vehicle (mondeo/passat size), if you would prefer. the exact make and/or model will normally depend on what is on offer at present, but the examples above i know are on reasonable offer at present.

im pretty
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We choose the Moon
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DEVO Songs study (choose a tune for their new LP)

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