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The kick you cant F*ck with...
Its all about the green peppers!!

feel free to discuss kicks production wise! :P

[Image: http://www.bevelynn.co.uk/Graphics/pickl...sfront.jpg]
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What the f*ck just happened ???
I just replied to a post and when it tried to redirect back to the main SC board it put me on a star wars message board Icon_eek Icon_eek crazy
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Louis CK - Stand Up Comedy
I saw this guy on the TV in america on a few occaisions.... too funny! had me in stitches.

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''Ghostrider'' Track - who/what the f*ck is it??!
hello Smile

not sure if this is the right forum to be posting this in, but after manymanymany years of trying to track this tune down, i thought i'd ask the real junglists, instead of b*stard google.....

ok. i first ever heard this tack on the old itv late night 'dance music' tv show, 'bpm'.....it was hosted by dave dorrell and some chick who's name i can't remember, but sure it was a european sort of name. anyway, i digress.

the episode that sticks in my mind most of all featured an int
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Louie CK show... links and ting
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** Free Track - Outrage - I'll F*ck You BLRMPFREE004
** Free Track - Outrage - I'll F*ck You BLRMPFREE004

Download Here - http://soundcloud.com/backlashrecords/ou...l-f-ck-you
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Winter in places where it actually F*CK'N snows ...

yeah yeah, winter in Canada.. igloos & beaver raves (wha?)

its cold. we bitch, we gripe. we cope. some like it. most don't.

its life tho.

how are y'all holdin up in your areas?


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