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SBHQ Evacuation and Clean up Weekend
hi all core streetbeats people

as you know, we are moving out of the current sbhq.

in order to make sure i get as much deposit back as possible, it needs to be given a good going over, inside and out.

hope to do this either saturday 1st november or sunday 2nd november.

the more hands on deck, the easier it will be and the quicker we can get it done....

please let us know by signing below if you can help out, and which day you'd prefer



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clean up the studio day
fucking hell, the last few weeks of my life have been hectic. therefore the studio is a MESS!!!!!!!

i hvae 4 tunes to mix down this week, and i need to start by having a tidy(ish) work space...

so its that time again, get rid of the tea cups, put records and CDs back on shelves, hoover the inches of dust off the surfaces.... oh i cant wait.
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nice clean copy of Doggone break?
has anyone got a nice clean copy of this ?

can someone ping it over on aim maybe?

need to start buying funk compilation cds Cool

cheers Grin
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Clean up studio/bedroom Vs sit on SC all day?

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Best way to clean Vinyl
I have brought products from HTFR to clean vinyl but can anyone recommend anything - not BRILLO PASDS!!
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It's time for you to come clean! Tell us your secrets!
I always see topics about your most beloved records in your collection...but how about those that you bought and hide them deep in the crate in shame, those that are HORRIBLE, that you don't even want to sell afraid of the laughs....

I'll start mine..
Swan-E Undacut Driftin' Lifewire Mix
Swan-E Undacut Driftin' Detroit Soul Mix

this is BAD hmmmmkay
on flex rec
Northern Lights Pyramids
Northern Lights The Matrix

Hahaha this is HORRIBLE
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Teebee: "Ok..the REASON why....the clean up thread"
source: doa thread


in 1996,when dnb was at its peak,there was aproximately between 20 to 35 dnb labels,divided between 2 distribution companies...i would like to point out that today,there are at least 250 labels,and at least 5 different distro companies dealing with dnb.now,my point is.the amount of labels have increased 1000 percent,and yet,the scene has grown smaller in many ways..my only point about
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What was the last dream you had? (Keep it clean)
Had a weird dream yesterday night - dreamt that I got mugged three times just walking down my road, but they didn't want my money. They just wanted a bit of the Fudge I was eating.

[Image: http://www.thetimes100.co.uk/images/comp...d_6_15.jpg]
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I need a clean Circles break
I need the original break (not processed in any way).

Thanks ahead of time
Author: dwarde - Replies: 11 - Views: 898
Anyone got a clean wav. of the Cold Sweat break?

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