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Gulf War II - Clone of the Attacks
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FAO Blue: in defence of Sci-Clone's "El Son"
ok then, i'm going to try and explain why everything you said about the sci-clone tune was total bollocks...

1) to say straight off that the chords are wrong is so not to get it. the chords are perfect and that they're harmonically wrong is what drives the whole piece. it's a circular pattern and because the ear wants them to resolve – and they don't – creates a tension that takes the tune out of being mere lounge. this applies to every solo part too – they'd be twee if they resolved ... but th
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werent into 'em when i first heard them but now they absolutely fucking rock.......

good shit......

Statto says: Hahaha
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cartoon network star wars clone wars tonight vol 1-10
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Sci-Clone (Nathan Haines) Appreciation Thread!
I didn't realize it till recently but this guy's instrumentation drew so many people into dnb in the late 90s. plus first headz record i ever bought Cool

also check...

Restless Soul + Nathan Haines Lovesmilie *yes, its house.

and i almost forgot...the halftime broken soul beat of the week!

Soul Drummers - Space and Time (Restless Soul Moontime Mix) Lovesmilie
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L1 clone

gonna give this a go when i get home
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UK scientists clone human embryo
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Star Wars: Clone Wars
anyone seen em? think a couple showed on the cartoon network, but otherwise they've not had much of an outing over this side of the atlantic.

anyway, they kick the shit out of the movies! Xyxthumbs
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[Lambchop] S.E's new recycle clone
Ive mentioned before my desire to write my own recycle substitute.
Well, friday afternoon and this morning I have spent researching and testing some bits and peices and i am glad to say that i think its feasible, it might take a long time but id really like to get there as im sure this would help alot of people!

now some statements and questions:
1. It will run on windows only using directx9. if you dont have this/cant run this then im sorry, directx + managed code has only come about in ve
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Redco - "C-Clone" [T-FILE005 / Tilt-Recordings]
Redco - "C-Clone" [T-FILE005]


"C-Clone" is a beautiful king size Neurofunk tool.
Also, it is actually the international debut of Redco,
a talented producer from Uzhhorod in Ukraine.

available here:

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