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attn streetbeats/freestyle collective
right, guys, why don't we take some obstacles out of this situation:

...Pieter had a brilliant idea, and that was to put to mp3 our tunes so we, the Streetbeats/freestyle collective, can start circulating tunes (i don't have a lot of what some of your labels have put out, i have some, but generally there needs to be a pool in this crew where we are all getting each other's updates!!!!!!!!)

...maybe that's one way of taking it to the next level, because without the tunes to mix and an o
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Is this how the "??????" collective is viewed
[quote]RaDisOne - sorry for takin' it out on you but these comments seem to only come from the whole "break" crew.

I noticed how years ago the atmospheric heads used to hate on the rest of the scene because nobody understood it...They always wanted to be separated from the scene and dubbed anyone who didn't like atmospheric as "informative" or "closeminded"

I seem to get the same vibe from the "breakage jungle" crew. Just go to the Streetbeats website and find out what I'm talking about.
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proposals for a real COLLECTIVE name???
as a follow up to this thread http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/view...php?t=3566

and always having been my opinion on the matter of choosing a name i think it's best to look for a name that really points at the collective (ref. native tongues in hiphop) rather then a name pointing at a certain sound (e.g. "radical beats", "freeform drum'n'bass", ...) even though that still can be used for a collective... the reason is basically mentionned in the thread i linked above

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A new link for the collective.
I could be out of line here, but knowing you lot as I do, I can't see you're all gonna kick my ass for this.

I was thinking, this collective biznizz, I think there is room for one more important link on the collective site, and perhaps even this site.

It's a site dedicated to September 21st.

It's supposed to be, 'One Day Of Peace'.

Ie, a one day ceasefire, worldwide.

They have the support of the UN, of Kofi Annan, the Dalai Lama, most of the world's premier's.

It's a brick in t
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Big up the Streetbeats collective!
played blue's new tune untitled 2 and the paradox remix of meltdown on the radio show this tuesday, check the archive in the beat ranch forum! Wink

would anyone from the streetbeats crew be interested in doing a shout for our radio show? get in touch with me, it would be most wicked to have a shout from you when we play more bits from you guys.

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nature love - nite life collective - speak softly
need this tune, please PM if you wanna sell.

Author: RhythmicNature - Replies: 0 - Views: 282
nature love - speak softly - nite life collective
i neeeeeed this track so if anybody wants to sell it please pm me.

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SC label collective
bridin allen, christopher brentano, rob brierley, jurgen de clercq, nik fowler, felix hoeck, matt jackson, michal koleczko, dan lajoie, paul land, robert macciochi, john machielsen, hugh mcintyre, matt norman, conor o'dwyer, conor o'riordan, shane o'shea, james parker, anand patel, carsten pötter, leo prince, matthew rond, toon severijns, chris smith, andrew swift, jonathan tait, ben thomson, jim van loo, nick von frankenberg, ben williams

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow

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ATTN SC label collective
i have seven tp eps available
they're exactly the same as the forthcoming pressing
but who would like to get one now?

Author: Statto - Replies: 69 - Views: 8457
ATTN SC label collective

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