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Director's Commentary
Anyone see this?

I thought it was the funniest thing that I have seen on telly in aaaaaaages - generally I don't watch telly, but this was well worth it.


Choice lines: 'That's a signature DeLane shot......... a dog in a bucket. You'll see that in every DeLane picture..... The only exception is an episode of Bergerac, had to make do with a cat in a saucepan' Hahaha


'Yes, you couldn't stay mad at John for long........ ... ...... No, I couldn't stay mad at him for lon
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Subversive Society –Social Commentary
Subversive Society –Social Commentary

A couple of years ago we set up a Hip-Hop outfit named -Subversive Society, a few of their tracks were featured on the Streetbeats Knowledge CD however due to tons of other commitments we decided to put the project on the back burner. Well, to the point –I and a few other producers are looking so start the project up again. This post is to advertise the fact that we are looking for Rappers/MC’s/Vocalists that would be interested in getting involved
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Gordon Strachan commentary

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