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attn: labels & press & promotion companies
http://www.urbnet.com is set to re-launch very soon with a whole
new design and layout. some of you are on my mailing list
and some are not. therefore, I figured I would drop a post
here for those whom aren't or check this board more than
their email accounts. if you have any new press releases or
news please private message me or hit me at the following
esb@deepdisco.com with these or your contact info and from
there I will give you my personal email so you can hit me
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Links to distribution companies sites?
It'd be great if someone could come up with links to all the sites telling you which tunes are coming out on new release and promo each week for the distribution companies...

I know the Alpha Magic one is http://www.alpha-magic.com/ukreleases.htm
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The advent of Beatport and other MP3 distributing companies.
With the advent of more labels using the internet to sell the tunes (320kbps). As this cheaper than producing vinyl - and the added problems with distrubtion. Are we nowseeing the death of Vinyl??

The are plus sides to the new download the track of the net -

1) You get the tunez quicker to the Customers.
2) Cheaper music for Customers.

The downsides -

1 No More Vinyl!!!!!
2) Just a file sitting on your PC! Wow - easy to delete
3) No more mad artwork, picture disks, 10" etc etc
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List of companies and assets owned by Microsoft
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Any companies still manufacturing reel2reel/cassette decks?
I've got a reel-to-reel but it needs some work doing to it.

Do any companies still make good cassette decks for studio use? (3-head/Input Gain/etc...)?

I don't want anything which is second-hand.

Can anyone recommend any SPECIFIC models, if so?
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Music Synchro Companies - your recommendations?
I was speaking to ASC by email about getting music into films and television about 4 months ago. A subject brought up was synchro companies. If you're unfamiliar: these are companies that run your music to a particular slot on film or television, giving you a business deal and taking care of the (sync)hronization between when something is made to when the product (film, ad etc) goes out.

I finally decided to put 'music synchro companies' into Google this morning and this site came up as one

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