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Anybody want a couple of free Wire Tapper CDs?
I have Vols. 2&3 spare. Total mixed bag of music:

Volume 2: Slicker / Rhys Chatham / Angela Jaeger & David Cunningham / DAF / Tom Zé / Meridiem / Jane Dowe & Terre Thaemlitz / Tarwater / Powerfield / Sam Prekop / Puppy / Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo / The Pastels / Badawi / Labradford

Volume 3: Supersilent / High Rise / Rothko / We / Gas / To Rococo Rot / Thurston Moore, Evan Parker & Walter Prati / Model 500 / Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma / Khan / Hood / Robert Ashley / Paul Panhuysen / Sheila Cha
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Couple of links
Author: RhythmicNature - Replies: 9 - Views: 868
did anyone see the buzzcocks thing on bbc2 a couple of da...
ys ago?

one of the teams had to be one of these chart band poop group things, and the riff and beats from this team sounded exactly like zinc's super sharp shooter - did any1 see that?

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couple of tunes by me - murky
Here's a couple of short tunes for your listening pleasure.. gimme some straight up comments..

a DnB one

somethin to chill


more to come..
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Im off to Germany in a couple of hours
BAck online thursday...

be good boys and girls....

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Couple of doubles needing a good home
Pieter k - Saturnine/Proof - BBS
Spirit - Unknown - Underground Noise 002

Anyone wanna swap for something? If you want to buy em I'd be willing to sell for a fiver or so including postage.
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couple of new tunes....
here's a couple of my latest tunes that i've mixed down. both of them need to be bounced down again, as i've remasterd the levels and some subtle changes in the arrangment.

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a couple of nice bits finishing on EBay soon
various - jungle book (reinforced lp006)
low key movements - ear drums
cold mission & 4 hero - music is music
nasty habits - last action hero
jlm productions - can't understand
private productions - education
dj peshay - gangsta
the two g's - energy remix
project a-ko - the afterglow parts 1&2
tek 9 - jus a likkle sumtin
nookie - celebrate life
4 hero - universal love (metalheadz remix)
manix - intelli
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Can anyone help me out with a couple of technicality sets?
really desperate to hear the recent rohan set and the seba set from last month Smile was wondering if someone would be kind enough to upload it to my ftp for pre-exam listening Xyxthumbs
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I got a couple more gmail invites if anyone wants one..
If you want one.. drop me a PM.. first 2 people get a gmail

PM me your email address and I'll send you an invite.

If you've been living under a rock for the last few months and don't know what gmail is, it's Googles own email service with 1GB!! of storage and built in search engine to search for your old emails etc..

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