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My New Froxel "Spaced In" 10" Cover Is Done!
The art was done by the infamous Anthony Ausgang and we were lucky enough to be able to use it for our "Spaced In" single on Zeal Records. Somehow the label owner knows Anthony and me and my bandmate Justin are greatly benefitting from this connection! The piece is called "Splitting the Catom". Check out more Ausgang stuff at http://www.ausgangart.com OK!
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Alpha Omega - deep cover
brilliant track very like hives death valley which is my favourite tune at the mo its a peach to mix from hive into that
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equinox mix on knowledge cover cd ????
has anyone heard it yet . or read the text ?

what issue is it ? whats the tracklisting like. the one i saw today had an ldoublew mix on it Baffled
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Something interesting that I noticed on the Bassbin Cover CD
on the copyright blurb on the back of the cd, i noticed all the tracks are copyright control, apart from the two seba and paradox tracks (which, according to the blurb are to be bb1214) which are published by warner / chappell? what could this mean? is there some kind of major label shenannigans going on here? could be very exciting!! Hyper Chin
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asked to cover a friday sesh [statto this maybe up u'r st.]

leet radio Friday early evening - 6pm-8pm http://www.leetradio.com

I’ve dug out the following so far (never turn down a chance to dig em out)

Frankie Bones & Tommy Musto – The Morning After
Neil Howard – To Be Or Not To Be
Suburban Boys – Demon
Terry Baldwin – Groovin’
Blake Baxter – Sexuality
Nexus21 – Self Hypnosis
Nexus21 – Still Life
MDIII – Face The Nation
K.A. Posse – Our Love Stops And Goes
Tiziana – Seduce Me
Anne Clark – Our Dark
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ASC - DNBNation Exclusive Mix 3 - MP3 & Cover Art!
[quote=Srix on DNBNation]ASC - DNBNation Exclusive Mix 3

[Image: http://www.cov-ops.co.uk/misc/ascbeach1.jpg]

Artistry takes shapes in many forms.
Some sculpt, some paint, some sing and some compose.
The artist known as ASC creates exquisite soundscapes.
He stands alone on a level not many can define, reach or acheive.
Never comforming to trends
nor the recent crazes of the moment.
ASC's artistry reveals its intelligent self within each t
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the most ridiculous cover in the world
adolf noise - hidden track (a falsetto cover of we are the world) ->

this guy writes some great techno as dj koze so finding this was a bit of a surprise.
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Morgan & Cat With Hands get mag cover!

It's about time he got some publicity. Applause

And top billing over the Quay Brothers and Jan Svankmajer! Hahaha

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rudimentary peni cover compilation/submission request
hello persons,

i'm currently seeking breakcore/noise/dark ambient/
idm artists interested in contributing music to
a cd compilation covering rudimentary peni's
cacophony in its entirety.

the cd will be released in limited edition
of 333, and packaged in a cardboard
foldout sleeve, ala the early crass/
mortarhate releases.

this is project is explicitly NON-PROFIT!

any monies generated from the sales of
the release will be donated to medicins
sans frontiers.

that said, in re
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Cover versions.
Does anyone else love cover-versions? I've been listening to a podcast called coverville recently, it's great for hearing weird and wonderful versions of... well anything.

One of my favourites at the moment is the Scala Choir's cover of Teenage Dirtbag. That one is mainly a novelty type of thing, but a lot of covers bring something totally different to a song - some being even better than the original song.

What's your favourite cover (that isn't Johnny Cash's 'hurt')?


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