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The Rubiks Cube Presents - Phonic Live Launch Party
Monday 19th July 2004 10 - 2am @Bar Latinos Bristol (£3 all night)

Main Room

10 - 11 Kendall & Kubiks

11 - 12 Kidkut

12 - 01 Chris Inperspective

01 - 02 Senses


Hosted by Eat The Beat Records with live visuals and BBQ!

This is a one off, hope to see some of you there Smile
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[xgn001] auan & cube/the destruction process
heres the new release from exegene, we're a strictly (no jump up) dnb netlabel owned by myself and a geeza called auan, just tryna promote underground artists for free, releasing our records in mp3 and when we got enough money (when i get a proper job :P), we're gonna look into pressing vinyl, but still keep the free mp3 downloads going.

...so heres our 1st release,

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cube - paranoia
my new track

its 256kbps 15mb, so sorry for you 56kers...

its my attempt at drumfunk
sound okay to me, but that could just be me

feedback appreciated Smile

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XGN001 Auan & Cube vs The Destruction Process
Auan & Cube- Nebulae

Serious cinematic action abounds in this trancey little beauty, an ideal opener to any set or likewise any film. You can just imagine hundreds of hands held aloft as the breaks bring the momentum and build up to a stunningly epic breakdown. The amens are then let rip with some crisp percussion and tearing bass to stomping effect. Cutting switches of the drums cut through the mix keeping you on your toes and your dancing shoes fully welded to your feet. The whole mix
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cube - sound engine
short track by me

and theres a remix "competition" kinda going on, if you want to have a go at it.. gonna release the best as an ep.

heres the sample pack


deadline 31st Dec.

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cube & basement.nebula - dropzone 6
its um, quite atmospheric and breaky, (needs a better master)

check it... 256k mp3


big ups to dsp for the hostage.
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cube - suspended animation + tvg remix
hmm. my first track im relatively happy with since last march! Oops

well. needs maybe a little bit more work.

but here it is. in all its unmastered glory

and heres the unmastered remix by TVG

feedback please. Wink
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can you hit me up via AIM (forestrymusic) or e-mail me @ info@forestryservicerecords.com

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Attn Cube
Do you have AIM ?

Have you seen SCGrinigital ?

I think you may be an ideal candidate to help take it forward where I dont have so much bandwidth
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Cube live @ Netstock 2005
Cube ordered me to host his set for you guys before he left for the States, and I thought I could stick it on the exegene site, but It's way too big.

Anyone know where this n00b can host a 74Mb mp3? Baffled

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