Author: Grizzly - Replies: 6 - Views: 450
Anyone know anything about lathe cut vinyl?
OK......This UK label called Evelyn records wants to put out a 8" single of my other musical project Froxel. Yes an 8"!!!!! The label owner Chris says it will be lathe-cut vinyl which is about a millimeter thick!?!?! and clear. The benefit is that you can make the run as many copies as you like and the cost is low. Has anyone heard tracks cut on this format? Is it worth it or will it sound like shit? I asked if it was like a dubplate where the quality degrades after successive plays but Chris sa
Author: machu - Replies: 17 - Views: 708
alpha cut records

some pretty decent tunes on this label (@ least from what i hear in the clips), promising up and coming :edit:r's....

wondering if anyone on here had any connections w/ them?

Author: jmcee - Replies: 1 - Views: 210
Exile - Cut by plastic
I'm loving this!! check it out on the DOA dubs page. What ya'll sayin?

Vamp :darkside
Author: INITIAL2 - Replies: 3 - Views: 191
Pink Floyd Live at Pompei (Directors cut)
Got this the other day, if your a floyd fan get get get it!!!

Amazing stuff. Twisted
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oh no! my gym instructor has demanded that i cut back on....
snacks Icon_sad

he reckons i need to change my diet totally..

i was thinking about this on the walk back to my bus stop, popped in to a greggs for a sausage roll whilst i considered my new snacking objective.

not good Icon_sad
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High pass vs low cut
What is the difference between the two? In what circumstances do you favour one over the other?

Cheers Cool
Author: Stacks - Replies: 5 - Views: 545
How much is 'the deepest cut - vol 1' worth?
buying Platinum breaks 1, the deepest cut and (I think) Omni Trio vol 3, (the green one?), for 45 quid... decent buy?

Author: fanu - Replies: 28 - Views: 3743
I cut my hair!
ain't got that long wig anymore; sporting a short, monkey-looking 'do now! Mrgreen

who else is with me on the cut-your-hair-for-the-summer campaign? Cool
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'baby don't cry' is such a goddamn hard break to cut up
but so worth it Lovesmilie

those snares sound like dillinja!!!
Author: ken - Replies: 16 - Views: 1258
amit - second cut- is f'ing amazing.
it's one of those tunes that you just makes you sit down for a minute. bad bad baaaad. new amit is brutal. Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek
at 1 hour 5 minutes.

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