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Cutting Codes ........
I Have just completed my bi-monthly record sort and i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find out the name of some my white labels. It's quite distressing not knowing the name of these plates i own.

Any help would be muchos appreciated.

Alteredego "nice"
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ATTN: those with knowledge of cutting vinyl
ok, here is my problem....

we have a dat machine which we record onto, then out of the digital out, and into the digital in of our computers audio interface, some where along the line the signal is either being panned a little to the right, or just has more level on the right channel. this is easily fixed by adjusting the balance on the dat machine, or doing it in the computer with mastering software.

my question is this... will this effect the cut to vinyl? i.e. bass has to be in mono...
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Cutting of vinyl solved.....

:mutley: lets all chip in!!!
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Choppage/ Cutting - My First Post
Hi All,

This is my first post and I hope it is in the correct forum! I have a question concerning mixing. I have downloaded various mixes from the Inperspective Kru and noticed the amount of cutting/ choppage used. However my question is:

When do you cut a record and what part do you use; a whole bar, a Kick only, snare only ?! I am sure you all have views?
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Cutting out the Ewok song at the end of return of the jedi!
Jesus Lucas, what the fuck were you thinking?? Wack
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Cutting vinyl info:


Dubs cut from £25

Master Engineer George Lambert mastere engineer on tracks from Jazzy Jeff Summertime to many many dance projects.

All aspects of cutting / pressing both vinyl and cd catered for.

TEL: 0870 760 9371

E-Mail : studio@dandgmastering.com

They might be worth getting in touch with to check out how many they can do etc...
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1Xtra - Cutting Room
Easy, for everyone who knows about the cutting room on 1Xtra, my fellow mancunian "Pringle" is on there with some Amen business.


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dub cutting in london
any recommendations, i have not cut in london for about 2 years and want a place that you KNOW are good, open on saturday and with a booking system.

in the past i have used Music House and alchemy but i want to try else where this time .

Im thinking heathmans or metropolis but i dunno if there open on saturdays or do dubs as they only mention mastering on their sites

Cheers in advance if anyone can point me in the right direction
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dub cutting for kiddies
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Renegade Hardware Cutting Room Carpe Diem LP

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