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Brain Dance
I know this has probably already been discussed, but at a first glance i couldn't see a thread about it...

Is anyone here into Braindance, like Warp and Rephlex label stuff. If so what are you fave artists etc? and did listening to that get you into DnB, vice versa, or nothing to do with it?

Personally i got into DnB through listening to crazy beats and bleeps from Aphex, Bogdan, Squarepusher, Cylob, u-ziq, Plaid etc etc .

just me being nosey.................
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UK Dance Music Weekender & DJ Competition
attn all subverts

ultra-violet may be playing one of these weekenders in the future.

here's some info Xyxthumbs

friday 7th, saturday 8th & sunday 9th november 2003

devious, the promoters of the most lavish large scale dance music events
in the south of england return to pontins leisure complex, camber sands,
east sussex for the 8th instalment of their legendary uk dance music
weekender. this event, now viewed by many as one of the ?must go to?
parties of each year will play host
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Drum & Bass Arena DJ Randall mix 3xCD on Warner Dance

P-Funk - P-Funk Era
Q-Project - Champion Sound (Alliance remix)
Roni Size - It's Jazzy
Marcus Intalex & ST Files - How You Make Me Feel
Origin Unknown - Truly One
Dillinja - Twist 'em Out
Un-Cut - Midnight (MIST VIP remix)
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Cutslo (Lokuste remix)
DJ Krust - Warhead
Moving Fusion - Turbulence
Bad Company - Planet Dust
Adam F - Brand New Funk
Mampi Swift - This One
DJ Marky & XRS - LK (feat. Stamina MC)
DJ Zinc - 174 Trek
Dillinja - Acid T
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UK Reggae & Dance closing down sale
Due to other business commitments, we are selling up all our stock
Check our website at http://www.ukrnd.com
All vinyl at half the listed price, if you order via email
Cheaper still if you buy a lot!!!!

Close on 2000 records on the website: Reggae, Oldskool, House Classics, Drum & Bass/Jungle, Hip Hop, UK Garage, Soul, Techno etc

I've also got a lot more, not listed on the site
10,000+ assorted 12" vinyl, all in at least EX condition, some rare ones, some average!
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Is it conceited to dance to your own tunes?
If you are in a club and someone plays one of your tracks, do you rock out, or quietly move off the dancefloor trying to meld into the shadows?

It can make you seem up your own arse......


Isn't that why you make it, cos you make what you want to hear?
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"in toronto, we dance to jungle alone."
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I am setting up a live dance music club night at a venue called The Enigma in Brighton. I've had some interest from the likes of Ultra Violet, Future Proof and Keiretsu and am looking for more bands who might want to play.

If anyone is interested, or knows someone who might be, please can they email me at: dan@morefireproductions.co.uk


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Kompressor does not dance
[Image: http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/kompr...211972.jpg]


Here are pills for rave power
You eat and feel good
Go into the dance club
And go onto the floor
DJ starts the music
Kompressor locks the door
People stop their drinking
And go into a trance
Kompressor eat them up because
Kompressor does not dance
Kompressor does not danc
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Do you dance, head bob, or r u just a wall flower?
Just curious to see what all you peeps do to de music of ur choice. I myself breakdance, pop, and the occasional one armed gritty faced finger point wave(like a head bang but wit the arm, yall know it) Jig
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Where is dance music now?
And more to the point - whats does it mean? Twisted

Simon Reynolds in the New York Times on dance music's struggle to work through its midlife crisis/identity crisis, i.e. work out what it is actually about or for these days, now it's neither mainstream nor underground.

Some paragraphs that got lost but give some context and nuance:

[picking up from the knifehandchop/soundmurderer bit]
"In many ways, though, these retro-ravers are

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