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do u like dancehall/reggae?check this ras clan mp3s inside!
ras clan is a dancehall projekt from ras radical and mc critisizah who are brothers and ben singing since they where lil kids!

they have amazing skillz if u think about the point the produce there own beatz and write there own lyrics Smile

i know this is a dnb board but i know alot of dnb headz listen to dancehall or reggae to Smile

so check this out feedback welcome

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best dancehall rhythms
ok everyone post their favorite riddims!


coolie dance
mad guitar

i dont know a lot of producers but im liking pretty much everything from scatta... who else is good?
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Dancehall Fans Against Homophobia
[Image: http://www.dfah.org/images/top_banner3.jpg]

DFAH (pronounced differ) – because we’re DFAHrent

In 2005, the reggae subgenre of dancehall is under attack from a variety of sources. Most of these attacks relate to the homophobic content of some dancehall record releases. However, many of these attacks are so woefully inaccurate as to be dangerous in their own right. Dancehall Fans Against Homophobia is a newly formed organisation of dancehall fans who are as fed up wit
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Anyone interested in some early 90s dancehall cds - £3 each?
some dancehall/ragga cds for sale from around 1990-94

£3 each + £1 postage (within uk)

beenie man - wild wild
beenie man - blessed
beenie man - cool cool rider
beenie man - defend it
beenie man - dis unu fi hear
beenie man - maestro
bounty killer - down in the ghetto
bounty killer - no argument
capleton & general levy - double trouble
capleton - lotion man
cobra - bad boy talk
cobra - venom
cobra - exclusive
cobra - sexperience
cobra - spotlight
cobra - merceless ba
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Droid Inna Dancehall - Basement Bashment mix
Here's a little something thats been fermenting in my mental cellar for some time now:

[Image: http://weareie.com/audio/mixes/droidinna..._front.jpg]

[i](00:00) 1. Mu -ziq – Brace Yourself (Remix) - Astralwerks/Caroline
(04:50) 2. Beenie Man - Year 4 - Steely and Cleevie (Bagpipe Riddim)
(07:11) 3. General Degree - Signal - Steely and Cleevie (Bagpipe Riddim)
(08:29) 4. Zebra - You See Mi - Steely and Cleevie (Bagpipe Riddim)
(09:11) 5. Steely & Cleevie -
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Droid Inna Dancehall Vol.2 - Alternate Roots
A bit more JA business for you lot - a selection of the softer side of 90s reggae...

[Image: http://weareie.com/audio/mixes/droidinna..._front.jpg]


[size=2][i](00:00) 1. Luciano – Cant Stop Jah Works – Xterminator (Mafia Riddim)
(03:24) 2. Sizzla – Till it Some More - Xterminator (Mafia Riddim)
(06:2Cool 3. Sizzla - Babylon Homework - Xterminator (Babylon Homework/Blessing)
(09:20) 4. Prince Malachi - Healing in the Streets - Xtermina
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Don Rosco vs Galafari - Dubstep vs Dancehall TONIGHT!
Evening folks,

While stacks is away on manouevres, i've drafted in Corporal Galafari from the reggae corps to fill in. I'll be doing a bit of dubstep myself, so make sure the bass is cranked to at least 11. Back to the Jungle next week, where i'll have some maximum freshness from the likes of Naphta and ICR. Bo!!!

Tonight - Wednesday 12th July - 9.30pm - 12.30am GMT (that's from 9.30
in the UK and Ireland peeps)

(4.30pm-7pm EST)

Safetyboy and company will warming up
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breakcore/dancehall mini-mix
forgot i had this online. a quick throwdown of ragga/cartoony breakcore and Dreamweaver riddim from one of my last webcasts. i was pretty into it!

Hey Breakcore!

DJ C - It Dat (Mashit)
Aaron Spectre - Look Out Fi Liar (Death$ucker)
Rotator - Make It Ruff (Dross:tik)
Duran Duran Duran - Peter North (THAC0)
Nettle - Firecamp (theAgriculture)
Mutamassik - Show 2 Show (DJ /rupture remix) (Soot)
Duran Duran Duran - Powerballin (
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Woofah (dubstep/grime/reggae dancehall) magazine
[Image: http://www.woofahmag.com/graphics/cover1.gif]

Dubstep/Grime/Reggae + reviews. Not much jungle in there, but that will (hopefully) be rectified in future issues Grin . Ive got a couple of reviews in there, and the overall standard of writing is very high. Availabile now, but it's pretty limited so get it quick.

You can buy from the website or probably from record shops if you live in London.


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