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darker self?
so if i understand correctly, this is by senses & is going to be out on inperspective? when is the slice of utter wickedness gonna get promoed?

and what of this 'who wants some'? is this teebee as i understand?
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you boys are darker than i thought
i have never EVER DJ'd in TOTAL darkness before last night.. it was satanic! Boh!

Sort of boh, not being able to see had effects on mty flailing limbs dancing, air drumming, and, erm, otherwise seemless mixing Roll (honest) Smile

Thanks for the set last night, had a good time! long live beat jam.
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Senses - Darker Self
This tune is serious doing it for me on a huge level for the past while.

Played it over a dozen times (no joke) on the way to Vermont USA and back home this past weekend. This was a 7 1/2 hour drive Grin

The custom officers at the boarder were ready for more Inperspective records. Wink
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senses - darker self
this is my fave tune right now ,just love that atmosphere and those film esq sounds,really feelin it Grin
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dak: ~97 mix, the darker breaky stuff!
A while ago I did a mix of mainly 97 dark stuff for the purpose of our finnish forum, "stealthunit", but since not many people are interested in it there I thought I'd post it here aswell(some of you might be interested in this stuff seen! Tea)

grab it here:

tracklisting goes as follows:

danny breaks: solar jive
zenith: damaged
mts: hard disk
psion: tyrant
ed rush & fierce: locust
dj krust: the last day
basic unit: silver
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Big Bud - Darker than Blue
Is there a more emotional breakdown? Wow loved it for years
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New Darker September 2010 Mix From Me : To Hell And Back
Hi Guys

Its been a few weeks since I posted up a new mix.

Below is a tracklist and a download link for the mix I did last night.
If you like the darker side of dnb then this mix is for you ;-)

Script Presents : To Hell And Back
September 2010 Mix

Guitars Theme : B Key
One Step Closer : Dyazide (Dub)
Useless : Total Science / SPY / DJ Lee (Dub)
Z Grab VIP : Enei
Monkey Business : Keza (Dub)
Shredder : Vicious Circle
Fire : Grimm
Future Shock : Craggz & Parallel F
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Phlorid - Waxplorations 002 [kung-fu breaks / darker late 90's jungle]
Well, it was a long time since I've been here, but recently I've made probably my best mix in twelve years Smile

Hope you will like it! 

[Image: https://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000304881...00x500.jpg]

Listen + Download

01. Photek — The Fifth Column
02. Source Direct — Snake Style
03. Da Cosa Nostra — Guappo
04. Doc Scott — Drumz'95
05. Photek — Consciousness
06. Dylan — C

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