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Is my old companion Video Dead?
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Just don't forget your first chunky top-loader.
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It looks like the end for my old friend the Video tape. He has been a constant companion to me.

I'm sure I will still share the rest of my life with Video tape. (Though his young son DVD will be around, Video will always be my favourite son)
Author: IChiOne - Replies: 50 - Views: 1773
Streetteam dead?
i don't see much happening, is the SC Streetteam still alive,
i think developments go so slow,
Author: trope - Replies: 0 - Views: 253
Any Subverts play Urban Dead?
larkin abt w/ this game as part of my multitaskin computery. it's a superlotek massive multiplayer role-playin ting like 28 Days:


if anybody's on there holla @ me - im tryin to come up but it's easier when u hv a kru, as in the world. got a few aliases (just keep clearin yr cookies Twisted) so lemme know if yre on.
Author: qµ:rec - Replies: 4 - Views: 582
TrueCrypt dead?
It seems that somebody has written a Bootkit that circumvents the TrueCrypt-encryption..

I hope the TC-makers will solve this problem as soon as possible...

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