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do you think production is really that much of a big deal?
I'm not really saying there is a straight answer. It's just some of the best records ever were made way before all this technological stuff happened and they sound crisp, and they probably only had like a 2 channel desk or something. I mean, King Tubby's version of Horace Andy's Skylarkin is unreal - and its not like there's loads of studio trickery going like there is in the music these days is there.

I understand that its important to have good production on a song because it just general
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Did I got a good deal?
£14 for:

Ed Rush - Kilamanjaro/Subway - Prototype
Matrix - Mute98/Convoy - Prototype
Matrix/Optical - Crossfire/Data Life - Ad Hoc
Krust - True Stories

There were sooo much records in this store...and most of them were £2.8 till £4.7

Old Teebee's
Optical Movin 808's
etc etc etc...
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Who to contact to make an iTunes deal?
To get the music out there?
Yes, I have acquired an ISRC code for myself now so that's not a prob...
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Exclusive contract: what's the deal?
I'm hearing this term alot these days.
Artist A saying to me 'I signed an exclusive contract with [insert label here which you think applies], so I cant do that remix anymore' or some stuff like that.

Ok, I can follow the fact that labels like to have a discerning aspect with which to corner/approach a market.

But how does this pan out for the artist?
I mean, what's the benefit for them?

What are the pro's and con's to signing this 'exclusive contract' you think?

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