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AmRep: Dope, Guns and Fucking Up Your Video Deck
Dope, Guns and Fucking Up Your Video Deck: Vol. 1-3: 1990-1994 is out on one DVD Icon_eek

This has to be the most awesome music DVD ever, I so have to get this Homerdrool

Over THREE hours of digital AmRep action!

From the mid 80-s through the mid 90's, Amphetamine Reptile Records defined the term "Underground." For blistering genre-creating sounds, graphics and attitude, AmRep had no equal.

Being far too raw for MTV, the label began what was then a first - the cheap self-p
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Got to grips with the new Technics Cd deck today.
I didnt buy one but the place I work at has just ordered 2. The seem pretty sturdy and the platter much more responsive obviously the fact that it spins has a lot to do with this but it felt reaaly good. It is a lot better built than the pioneers I hate all that plastic on them.

Im not personally that concerned about all the loop and cue features but it does have a few bells & whistles that the Pioneer doesnt. The main thing for me is that is feels as close as it can to a 1200 and for the ti
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Thelonious Monk fucked up my deck
...so what should happen after playing all kinds of hardcore and needle-jumping bass records for years, and i put on "children's song (that old man)" by Monk and right when it gets to the end, ffffffffffffffffffffffPT. -no more needle! Hahaha
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getting my CD DECK to accompany my 1210s
HURRAH!! finally getting my CD DECK. long overdue.

anyone have any WAVS or MP3/320s for me to practice with? the more amen the better

Oops Twisted Grin Lol
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anybody got a CD deck that plays MP3?
looking for a cd deck that has mp3 capabilities. anybody got one for under £250?
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what CD deck should i get?
unfortunately i dont have the currency to go out and get a pioneer cdj1000. i want a cd deck that i can use at home. i know that venues have the up2date (ind. std.) cd decks.
what can i get that doesn't hurt the pocket too much and is a good stepping stone to using industry standard equipment? ie. should i get one in the pioneer range because thats what is used at top level?
is it like technics for vinyls where you HAD to use technics at home in order to play out at clubs? (i
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beer was spilt on the pitch control Icon_sad

where is the best place to take it to be fixed??
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ok, so as i said, i found this mix whilst going through my old cd's recently.

unfortunately tho, the mixing isnt brilliant, however there are some serious tunes in there

might as well dl it, coz its a piece of history really.

i even think hype starts talking on the mic at one point saying that hype is the next dj on...well it sounds like a "young" hype anyway

havent got a tracklisting, but if anyone fancies the task, then your help is appreciated

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Distorting CD deck
I have a Pioneer CDJ800 deck which has started to distort when playing.

just wondering if anyone has ever had this problem with a CD deck ? If so, is it fixable ?

does it require a new part / new parts ?

or is it completely bolloxed ?
Author: DJFracture - Replies: 38 - Views: 5313
The sound of a Technics deck
They actually sound quite shit. I mean, fat as fuck but they have a definite annoying scraping sound. The platter is to blame i think. Anyone else noticed it? Or is it just me?

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