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Dissident - Dead Language


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dissident - phantom orchestra
hello! [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag...n/wave.gif]
this is my first post here.
i was glad to find such a satisficated place

some of you may have heard my music already
this is my latest tune called "phantom orchestra"
live concert with no musicians
this is bit of a work in progress thing, but it's almost done

here's also a little studio mix i did earlier
"Spare S
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[xgn017] Dissident (free 256k mp3 downloads)
[Image: http://www.exegene.com/images/covers/xgn017.jpg]

XGN017 - Dissident
A.Dissident - Operated Dream
B.Dissident - Fluter In Hell

[quote]The 17th release comes from an upcoming artists with tracks lined up to be released on labels like Counter Intelligence and Subvert Central Recordings and Moving Shadow and Make:Shift. Dissident also has numerous tracks released on a variety of labels such as Renegade Hardware, Russian label Respect Records, and TAM Records, which he is the
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paging dissident and/or vipah
need you to get in touch when you can...

please & thanks
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Dissident - "Fluter In Hell", Exegene does it again
this is the 2nd exegene track to really blow me away.

amazing mish-mash of drumfunk / neurofunk and traditional bongo funk!

this is a really vibrant and original piece of d&b, well done dissident!

can't wait to hear more from the man.

gig on friday, gonna be playing this for sure.

great when you get a free mp3 that blows yer mind more as much as anything else that has come out recently!


in case, you didn't know....


then click "release
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need to know about this guy

absolutly love levitation flight, cant wait for that one, anyone know when its coming?

any more tunes recommended / or info / or things he has already released?
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DISSIDENT - "Spare Senses Vol 3" - October Studio Mix
[Image: http://public-001.dnbarena.ru/~gsboards/...enses3.jpg]

01. 00:00 Pieter K - It Could Have Been You (Polar Remix) [Breakbeat Science]
02. 04:37 Seba & Paradox - Last Goodbye [Paradox Music]
03. 10:44 Sileni - Green Blue Texture [Thermal]
04. 14:51 Fanu - Tales From The Sea [Breakin']
05. 21:18 Dissident - Universe Eat Universe [Gamma Ray]
06. 25:53 Hidden Lab - Metrosine [Counter Intelligence]
07. 29:46 Polska - Burning Sun [Subtle Audio]
08. 35:21 Banac
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SC:Digital 005 - Dissident (free 320kbps mp3s)
[Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/digital/do...scd005.jpg]

SCGrinigital 005 - Dissident
A. Dissident - Lower Astral
B. Dissident - Oneiroid Psychosis

[quote]The 5th SCGrinigital release is now out and downloadable from the Releases section. 005 comes from Dissident, a name which is becoming more and more associated with quality music. Having already had numerous releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Exegene, Fear Red, the Russian TAM Records(which he
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Dissident !
Why have I not been privy to this producer before?

Holy amazingness. His October 2005 mix is also mighty top-notch. Thank you Dissident. Thank you.

edit: i just recalled having Sansara of him & Paul B on my computer but didn't piece it together. This new stuff I've heard is phenomenal though.
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Warm Radio Rollcall - Dissident - "Escapism" LP showcase
:: Wizard presents - Connecting The Dots ::

a special showcase mix of Dissident's 4th full length album titled "Escapism", forthcoming on Gamma Ray Records.

The showcase will go live in the 1st hour of WARM RADIO.


[Image: http://cov-ops.co.uk/misc/wrbanner3.gif]

Hosted by ASC [Covert Operations] and EHL [Warm Communications], Warm Radio has an audience of 600-1000 listners worldwide and has established it

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