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SELLING NetGear Dual Speed Hub
plug and play
4 port,

nothing wrong with it, i just switched to wireless.
i will throw in a copy of software to make a network.

canada kru, windsor ontario

e-mail michalkoleczko@yahoo.ca

make an offer Xyxthumbs
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powermac g5 dual 2ghz and logic 7
whatcan i say, apart from oh my god

i have been playing with these for a coupla days now and its blowing my mind!! the new logic fx plugs (space designer, ring mod and theguitar amp sim) are badass and sculpture and the new drum machine sound really promising..

osx is so nice, looks feels and performs like an os should. down with windows!
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Dual-core laptops
Does anyone know much about these and how they are of benefit to the music laptop user?

I'm looking to get a laptop soon and I know consistent advice from people on here is that a centrino/Pentium M route is a good one. But my techie friend tells me I should wait until dual core systems hit the shops (actually I think they are already out) before buying.

I know that its not sraightforward an issue because not all software supports dual core, so wondered if the technology might be of use t
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Quick question here for the techy people. Now im no computer whizz, so this may not make sense!

I've read that to fully utilise a dual core system the software your using has to be able to recognise that your processor has two cores otherwise that software would be unable to utilise it's full processing capacity.

Now, if this is the case would such a programme that is unable to recognise dual core only utilise half the processing power available? So im thinking that maybe a kick ass normal
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For Sale - Apple Mac G5 Dual 1.8 2Gb RAM, 2 X HD, Superdrive
for sale:

apple mac g5 dual 1.8 (rev b, not the model with the problematic amd 8131 chipset)
2gb ram
1 x 80gb internal sata hd
1 x 250gb internal sata hd
upgraded ati gfx card (dual head)
apple usb keyboard
ms intellimouse explorer
pci firewire card

os x tiger (10.4) dvd's
currently installed os x 10.4.10

yours for the bargain price of:


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Technical question - RAIDS and formatting for dual platforms
So - Im upgrading my external memory.

Im going for 2 samsung 1TB drives and want to arrange them as a RAID.

Ive found this 2 drive enclosure: http://www.storagedepot.co.uk/Networking.../p725.aspx which looks like it will do the job at a reasonable price.

The question is this: if I format these as 1TB FAT32 drives (using this software http://www.allensmith.net/Storage/HDDlimit/FAT32.htm) so I can read them on MAC and PC, will the RAID functionality still

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