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Downloading dubs and unreleased material
[color=cyan]Hello, you all know the hoo-haa that Dan Fresh created over some Soulseek users downloading of unrealeased material from "Shot Down on Safari", well his mate Solo ( a Bristol IT guy) said that he'd done some jack move to block any Telnet port that tried to download the mp3s of the dubs. Is that possible (I think that it's all a load of made-up crap), and even if it is, does he have any right to disable the computer of someone who doesn't even know that Fresh didn't want the material
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2 mixes mp3 format LOADED WITH DUBS
2 new mixes added up to the server ! both are mp3 format

the 1 is live @ tech tuesdays our weekly night here in philly its called dj tags $ mc bishop k

the other is a live bassdrive show with a CDJ which means lots and lots n lots of fresh dubs from arqer n realtime ! motion theory paradox and many many others like pyro & vector burn

here is the link for both mixes


both mixes are live and they are complete freestyle since i n
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Where Do You Get your dubs cut?
Just wondering as some mates and I are thinking about getting some stuff pressed up in the near future.
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Remarc - Unreleased Dubs 94-96 - Planet Mu
Tracklisting as follows:

Label Name Planet Mu
Catalogue ZIQ085CD
Release Artist Remarc
Title Unreleased Dubs 94-96
Media Type LP CD
Year 2004

01 Remarc + Eksman - Eksman Intro
02 Remarc - Bad No Bloodclart
03 Remarc - Bad Bwoy
04 Remarc - Da Clash
05 Remarc - Andre's Dream
06 Remarc - Suicidal
07 Prizna Featuring Demolition Man - Fire (Remarc Remix)
08 Remarc - In Da Hood
09 Remarc - Ricky (Remarc VIP Mix)
10 Remarc - Bad No Bloodclart (Vox)
11 Rema
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Dillinja's dubs
Went to see the Valve on friday and most of the tunes played were to be fair a load of well used pants (True Playaz DJ's cheesing it up) but heard So Vain dropped by Lemon D and it sounded like one of the most thunderous things I've ever heard. I was dancing away right next to the speakers and the subs in the second drop were blowing my hair around something chronic. Anyways Dillinja played this tune at the end of his set with the maddest beats I've heard in a long while and it got a hearty r
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New Inperspective dubs on DOA.... check them out!
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Rohan - Bagga Dubs/Detuned/Unwind Set Jan-2004
[Image: http://www.irishdrumandbass.com/images/t...assbin.jpg][Image: http://www.irishdrumandbass.com/images/t...assbin.jpg][Image: http://www.irishdrumandbass.com/images/t...assbin.jpg]

The gloves are off and the dub is here! You have waited
for some dubwise flex....and it is here for your download

Bring Forth........

Zee Tracklist
Digital - Get Aw
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Forestry Service 001 & half of 002 on DOA dubs...
first coupla tunes up on doa dubs page... get your comment/download on! i want these reachin' the top 5!!!! Wink


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Subtle Audio Mix 001 - Dubs,promos,new releases and oldies!
Here's a mix of some oldies, promos and dubs I did a few weeks back.

There's a good bit of variety on there, including two forthcoming tracks on my label "Subtle Audio", have a listen...

To download, use this link:

CODE - Subtle Audio Mix 001

Full tracklisting:

1. ASC - "Morning Cascades" (Unreleased)
2. Seba - "Make My Way Home" (Offshore)
3. Alpha Omega - "Tribalist" (Subtle Audio 001 - Unrele
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getting ready to send out cd-dubs.. some questions.
im almost done with a 7 track cd, and want to get it to the people. i really can't send out a million cd's, as i have labels to get to priority, and not to liquid in the money realm either.
would a ftp site with 320kps, or ever 192kps suffice for people that have dsl or cable? i would def. have it a password site, and only for the 'special' people. haha
obvs. send me a PM and state your case, i probably can get you a cd.
should i go for decent artwork for the cd? or is a insert with the track

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