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Is everyone leaving DnB for grime and dubstep?
Please stay!

Yesterday in Bristol, C4C night was empty and J da Flex was full. Waaah! Icon_cry Icon_cry Icon_cry Icon_cry
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Is everyone leaving DnB for grime and dubstep? pt.2
i gotta get in contact with J da Flex & get him some of my new downtempo stuff since he's been rinsing that Maybe We'll Stay Remix I did.

hopefully it'll help bridge some gaps & open up things to a new audience for me & a few others.
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i've just listened to 'dubstep' for the first time :granddad:
and i liked it.

it sounds free and experimental. it lacks the restricting boundaries that tie drum & bass down.

but... i bet there will be one huge hit, then all will follow in that style and kill the scene. Yes
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digital & amit.

i think amit is a pseudonymn for digital hence the total similarity in sound but i reckon digital could do some wicked dubstep.

infact his half time tune for bassbin would fit right in to that dubstep sound.


anyone disagree?
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Can you ghostride the whip to Dubstep?
Can I get stuey catuey straight dum wid it while ghosridin' tha whip wit some Dubstep? Is my '89 Almond Caprice Classic /w the champange rag a scraper even if I ain't rockin' multi-colored adolecent high school kid style zip up?

But most importantly....
Can I turf dance in blood red gators to sum Dubstep?
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anonymi : Canto Dub (draft) - Medieval Dubstep?
Heres my latest melancholy noodlings, kinda medieval dubstep.. Baffled
Probably pair it up as a Bside with Center/Switch

pre-master draft as yet. Still got some work to do, but Im interested to hear what you think..




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